The concept for the film was totally unique, looking at the trailers and all the hype surrounding it. The Darkest Hour promised us to be on of the best films of the year. It totally failed to deliver.

 The film was not a total train smash, it's just not as satisfying as you would hope it to be.

The film suffers from having a really awesome concept, just like Cowboys & Aliens, but there wasn't a good enough story to make this film really great.

The first act of the story embodied everything that made this concept work. The film has a fresh take in this horror/thriller world, as these aliens have a full plan. They have a reason for what they doing, they come to earth with a full on attack plan, and our heroes of the story are just normal people who survive the first wave of the attacks.

The aliens are probably the coolest things ever, as they toy with the idea that you have to fear the light, darkness becomes a safe haven. But, then they decide close to the end to show us these aliens that you can't see. That was a major flop!!!
Having them hidden from us, was the best why do u have to see there face?? And the CG on them is incredibly bad, all of a sudden you lose that interest you had of the mystery of these things.

It would of been great, if they didn't maybe the stereotypical route with teenagers surviving the alien attack and figuring out how to stop it.

But, there a lot of positives from the film as well, one of them being Emile Hirsch.

He is the true star of the show, apart of the glow star aliens. He anchors the story extremely well, keeping the audience highly entertained, while letting you forget about how quick the film turns from this strong fast paced beginning that entices your imagination that this will be a hit film, to a stereotypical, unimaginative ending.

The Darkest Hour does bring a fresh take, to this genre but at times it gets tied down with too many of the same facets that we have seen over and over again in this type of film.

The film does however, have some good character development and plays with some interesting themes. Such as redemption, courage, bravery and asks the question that if you were faced with a life and death situation how would you react? Everybody would want to say they would be brave and try and be a hero but you will never know until you truly face that situation.

That is especially true, when you look at Joel Kinnaman's character, Skylar. His character probably had the most fulfilling story of all the characters in the film, as we see him go from the being this coward, and being redeemed as a hero. We loved the way his character developed through out the story.

But aside, from Emile Hirsch and Joel Kinnaman's characters, everybody else in the film were really flat as characters.

The Darkest Hour is not all out, a horrible movie, it is Movie with a brilliant concept, with a mediocre story, with interesting Characters but not as memorable as we would of hoped.

It is easily a like able film, but not a love able film....

And for that our Rating


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