Fast Five

 First thing, if you still didn’t watch the movie, this is all you should know… the film is fantastic stands head and shoulders above the rest, if you never liked how the franchise developed or you did love it… You will love this one go watch it!!

We have some SPOILERS in this review; so make sure you watched the film before you continue to read this review. We warned you!!

Fast Five is thee most thrilling F&F film to date, but could just be the start to a all new Fast trilogy, as Fast Five closes the chapters on The Fast and The Furious, 2Fast 2Furios and Fast & Furious and sets up the franchise very successfully for the future. (Fast 6 and yes Fast 7)

We pretty sure, that you will agree that this whole franchise could have been so much more, as the first film really is a classic. 2Fast 2Furious and Tokyo Drift, acted more as spin-offs than direct sequels to the first film, leaving Fast & Furious as a direct sequel to Fast1, and probably as the sequel we wanted to see but failed to deliver and satisfy fans, really leaving the franchise in jeopardy.

However, if it wasn’t for the success of the first film, Vin Diesel not wanting to return for the second and getting Tyrese, that drifting film with Dom’s cameo that led fans to call for no. 4 and finally Letty being killed in the fourth film, we would of never have gotten this wonderful film which breathes life back into the franchise. Which finally closes the chapter on ‘Fast and Furious 1, 2 & 4’, but paves the way for a whole new “FAST” franchise. 

Tyrese is BACK!! ROME!!
They made this possible, by closing the of those storylines and finally made all those previous films feel like they were connected, yet unique enough to feel like it could stand on its own.

Fast Five begins where the previous film ends, with Bryan and Mia leading Dom’s escape. This scene was originally intended to be part of the previous film, with that film ending after the bus crash. However, director Justin Lin saved that scene for this film. Opening this film with a BANG!!! That scene basically sets the tone for the film!! Letting people know its going to be better and bigger than all of them.

Now we basically analyazed this film, pulling certain aspects out that we feel will defeinetly make this film the fans favorite.

One thing that was lacked in all the films following the first film, was the Dominique team/family aspect. We all loved, Dominique, Vince, Letty, Jessy & Leon as this team of drivers as well as close friends, with Dom playing the Father figure for his team.
Fast Five most certainly brings this factor back to the film with the establishment of Dom and Bryans new team, which include Rome, Tej, Han, Gisele, Tego and Rico. They really capture this team factor, with everybody having there own unique bit of skill (Yes, the team will feature in the next 2 films, with Mia taking a smaller role in the next two films for obvious reasons).

The Rock kicks major Ass
Bonus-Points went to addition of Agent Hobbs, played the charismatic, Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson. Hobbs is quite a unique charcter to the franchise as he offers a worthy antagonist for our hero’s. The fight between him and Dom is just fantastic!! Imagine Stallone vs Schwarzenegger came true… In away it has, with Vin Diesel vs The Rock!! 2 Action stars kicking each others ASS!! Got to Love it!!

Bonus-Point the addition of Vince and the way the character has developed to a more calm down, more mature character, more subdued then before.  However, we still got to see that Bryan and Vince rivalry, with Dom acting as Father once again, just that Bryan and Vince’s roles were reveresd! That was fun!!

Roman Pierce and Dominqiue stare down was defienitly classic!! As Dom says “I Heard about you”, its Vin basically giving Tyrese recognition for replacing himself in 2Fast.

Another big Bonus-Point, was the inclusion of a new love interest for Dom. Now in Fast4, they tried this with a distarious effect. Gisele trying to get with Dom after Letty died was just made fans dislike her character. So they rather made her get with another character in this one.
Dom plus the fans, managed to get over Letty with a girl that we all like for Dom, the only thing we see is now, whats going to happen in the next film because of the events in that post credits scene??? We like this girl for Dom, don’t know about you??

Now we get to the crux of this. The last action scene we see in the film was Dom and Bryan driving insync very close too one another being chased by a whole lot cops. Which was reminiscent of what Bryan and Rome down in 2Fast, just they weren’t pulling a vault!!

Fast Five is Super Cool, Fast & Furious is Cool once more

In Fast Five the story finally comes to full circle. In the first film we see Bryan letting Dom go, and in the second film we see Bryan and Rome work with the cops and get some money… In Fast Five we see?? . . .  Full circle!!

Now some of you might be thinking why make another film, if this ended so good. But, the truth is, Fast Five was intended for a new “Fast” trilogy, but it also ended Fast 1, 2 & 4 wonderfully, the destroying of Doms Charger symbolizes that. But, we cant help to think, that with so much money that they now got could we see the franchise turn from tuner and muscle cars to exotic cars??
What we know is that Fast Five was a Transition film from Car-Racing to a Action Packed car-heist film, it did this marvelously. Fast 6 and possibly Fast 7 will be Heist movies, and in that way Fast Five might of just saved, revived and repositioned the Fast and Furious Franchise.

Our Verdict 8/10

M1 & M2 Bringing You the Review


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