This adventure is definitely one film that you wouldn't want to miss for all sorts of reasons but for the most part, it's not the reason that most of u will assume.

John Carter is a sci-fi film that will not redefine the genre upon release, but the book that it is based on, defined the entire genre of Sci-fi.

Concept Art of John Carter
The novel John Carter was published in 1912 and was written by Edgar Rice Burrough, this novel was unlike any other before and it was the inspiration behind many other awesome sci-fi films like star wars and avatar.

The original novel, sparked 11 books in the series starting with A Princess of Mars where John Carter makes his first introduction into the franchise. A Princess of Mars, will serve as the basis for the film, John Carter, which will be releasing this year. The series ran from 1912 to 1964, when it was published as a novel. Edgar Rice Burrough is also the founder for a very iconic character in the infamous, Tarzan.

Each director or writer of science fiction can attribute their love for the genre to this series, which is called Barsoom (Barsoom is the name that Edgar gave to his fictional depiction of Mars, and is the name for the John Carter Series).

Saying that all these wonderful directors have got inspiration from the John Carter novels is a real big statement and with this new film on the verge of release will it have the same impact as the novels??

Looking at what we seen from the trailer few can argue that it didn't look like something we never seen, instead it just looked like a combination of other Sci-Fi films rolled up into one. And for that part, general audiences might come out of this film looking at it in that way, if they didn't know that John Carter probably inspired all those other films that it feels like.

However looking at the film it definitely looks like something that will be worth waiting for, as it promises us one awesome Sci-Fi film that will conform to some Sci-Fi conventions that we have come to love while also giving us a good story.  

We definitely think we going to get a good adventure sci-fi thrill ride but we really not sure if the movie will be able to live up to it's legendary status.

Only time will tell if John Carter the film, will be able to take up its place next to John Carter the novel, as some of the best sci-fi material ever made... let us know what you think…


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