The 5th instalment in the franchise that cant escape death, brings us a story that is much of the same yet it restored a bit of pride to the franchise that should have been dead by the 4th film. Even though the 4th film claimed to be the last, and it was the worst, this film proves to be a step up and yes it seems to be the last film.

She Dies... Oops Spoiler Alert... She dies!!
The overall plot if the franchise remains the same, some young people that suppose to die in some major tragedy, but survive by one one person for seeing it, then get killed by death. So its very easy to see that this film doesn’t offer anything new for the audience. The storyline of the characters are better than some of the previous instalments, the deaths in this film is interesting, keeps you in suspense, shocking and  quite strange, you will not see it coming!!

The film also offers movie goers a movie that uses its 3D capabilities quite well and probably the best 3D film of this year behind Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
However the film isn’t all good, it tends to be very tedious and even though the storyline and shocking deaths are much better than the previous films, it cant save this film from being monotonous and unimaginative when it comes to trying to offer the audience something new and different. Instead they stuck with the strengths of the franchise but after 4 films, you would think that they would try and make it a little more interesting.

The characters do have a better story this time around but for the most of the film many of the charcters that survive the accident, seem to be unaffected by the accident and the fact that there lives were spared and that all the colleauges are dead. Instead they prance around full of life, and for the most part almost quite obnoxiously.

Its Over Finally!!!
But then when you just about to lose all hop, and you so annoyed from having to sit and waste your life away for that hour and a half watching this film, then all of a sudden the end of the films starts to unravel and it brings one of thee biggest major twist in the entire franchise and for fanboys, they will certainly love it!!

It’s a refreshing twist that ends up linking the entire franchise, and they do this in a way that makes the film feel fresh in franchise that hasn’t managed to revitalise itself. The end of the film almost justifies this played out franchise and for you that watched the first film 11 years ago when it first released, this film ended the franchise perfectly.

Our Rating 5.5/10


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