Thor was always going to be one of thee most hardest Marvel properties to adapt into a live action film. This is due to the supernatural elements that plays apart in the film, and not to mention the fact that most of the characters are goes and live in Asgard, a heavenly realm. Add to that, the fact that Thor should be able to fit in with the realities that was established with Iron Man & Hulk, will give any director an instead Headache… But not Kenneth Bragnah!!

Thank Asgard that Marvel choose Bragnah to direct the film, even though this is his first big budget film as well as action film!!! Yet, Brangnah, most famous for his Shakespearen work, has managed to exceed our expectations, as well as fans, and everybody that as watched the film, expectations.

Thor played by Chris Hemsworth
Thor isn’t a masterpiece that will change the way comic book films are being made, in the way that Dark Knight has, but its definetly a thrilling, action packed Ride, that is underlined with a good touch of humour as well as romance.

However, there is also plenty of drama in Thor, as its evident that Bragnah has used is shakespearen experience in scripting the film, this is especially true of all the Asgard scenes. Bragnah was able to capture the full emotionality of the scenes between Loki, Thor & Odin (The sons & the father), making the audience feel firmliar, more human, more like people that go through more or less the same problems that we do… just on a different degree.

Where the Asgard scenes bring us drama, and the intensity of the film… the earth scenes bring us the romance, and the humour.
We really get to see Thor, essentially a Viking trying to fit in with the everyday norms of our world. This brings a balance to the film, and offers something for everybody!!!

On the cast performance, Anthony Hopkins (Odin), Tom Hiddleston (Loki) really put in good solid performance, which could rival any actor in Hollywood.
Natalie Portman puts in a lovely performance as Jane Foster one serious scientist, and falls head over heels for our hero. Kate Dennings shines in her role as Darcy the not so smart (comic relief) assistant.

But the true star of the film, has to be THOR, played by Chris Hemsworth, to absolute perfection.

Loki Played by Tom Hiddleston
There were doubts over Chris as the god of thunder, but from his first scenes in the film, any fears that he would not be able to pull of the Thor, instantly gets dismissed!! Everytime Hemsworth is on screen he demands your attention! So much so, that when you watch Thor go through all his emtions, Chris is able to capture all these feelings and in doing so, you will leave the cinema seeing Chris and Thor as one in the same!!

One thing we really loved about the film, was that for the first time the inclusion of factors that will link the franchise to The Avengers, didn’t feel forced!!! Unlike Hulk, Iron Man & Iron Man 2, S.H.I.E.L.D. (that features in all these movies, but was pushed in to link the films) actually plays quite a significant role in the film. This also lends itself to one of thee most memorable cameos in these films. Jeremy Renner (The Town, SWAT, Hurt Locker) has a cameo in the film as Clint Barton, the superhero Hawkeye.

Thor will be back in Avengers

Thor is certainly a must see, and just remember to stay until the very very end of the credits, to see an extra scene that will provide a link to The Avengers!!

Our Rating 7 ½ out of 10!!!

M1 & M2 Giving you our Review!!


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