These are the Top 7 films that have just failed to live up to the expectations that we the audience have placed on the film. It's not that the film was totally horrible it was just that the films could probably be much much better and I'm sure you can I agree that these films have let u down... 
So these are the Top films that have let us down....


BabyDoll Kicking Ass... We Dont Know Why
Probably the biggest disaster of the year. Sucker punch was much more of a let down than anyone would of thought. Zack Snyder directed one thee awesomest films in this decade and a true classic in 300... He then turned his attention to Watchmen. A movie that would make the film just as memorable as when the original novel was released. It's definitely one of thee best comic book movie ever made.

And this was all due to his visionary aesthetic style that sets him apart all these other directors.

So when word got out that this visionary director would be writing and directing his very own film that would be his own vision and story, great things were expected. But needless to say, it quite didn't work that well. The story was all messed up, things weren’t making sense, the story as rated PG13, but had all sorts of near rape scenes and sexual connotations that was just inappropriate for that rating. The action scenes were really impressive but it was needless pointless action, that wasn't needed at all!

This film really failed and we are big big big Zack Snyder fans, but this was a huge let down.


Possibly the worst superhero film, since X-men Last Stand... But the again Last Stand, is in a league of its own when it comes to how bad a movie can get.

Green Lantern Flying with a Fish/Chicken... Neither can fly..  Thats Stupid..
The real problem with Green Lantern was probably the time of its release. By the time Green Lantern came out, general audiences got to see Thor and X-Men: First Class, two films that really did something different when it comes to comic films. Then Green Lantern came and it was a typical comic film. It offered nothing new at all, and having Ryan Reynolds, as its star really didn't help it at all.

The characterization was all wrong and a post credit scene that probably ruined what could of been a very awesome sequel, but because they want to rush things they just messed it up.

Green Lantern was suppose to kick off what would become the Justice League, in the same way Iron Man did for Marvel's Avengers. But it was a total fail... Huge disappointment.

I Don't Remember this Film, Don't they wake up and don't remember??

Forgettable.... That's how we some up this film... Yes it is hilarious, but at the end of the day, it's just the first film just a little bit darker. In this first film they were much more vested in the story where by they could get into serious trouble, where in this film it just seems like they did a lot of crap but if they get back to Thailand everything will be fine.

Formula recycled, story recycled, not really that creative... Yes there were some awesome moments but most of the film you wouldn’t even remember, and if you had to choose to watch the first or the second film again, we sure that everybody will say the first.

The Hangover II made a lot of money but at the end of the day, it was kinda disappointing, forgettable, but it was hilarious


Captain Jack and the Gang romanticizing us with their poses
Jack Sparrow, sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow, made his return to the big screen and it was nowhere near as memorable has is his last outing. Sad to say, but this was a very mediocre film for captain Jack. Yes, he was entertaining and yes it did get you to laugh at times, but it didn't really give you a memorable adventure that we come to expect from Jack.

Barbosa was the real star of the show this time around, as he kept you more vested in the story because of his major change in behaviour. He was a breath of fresh air in a film that is produced by an antagonist that was less than threatening, with his zombie crew that was even not even scary for the most part.

A lot didn't work with the film, and we sure that you guys can even point out more but that's why On Stranger Tides is on our list, because even though it wasn’t extremely bad, it still disappointed.
Forgive this film


The film that was suppose to show vampire for what they truly are, cold killers, was instead cold in its story. Priest was a film that had most people interested as it was set in apocalyptic future where priests were kicking vampire arse.

Unfortunately when you actually watched the film you realized just how mediocre this film truly was. It was mostly playing in horror cliches and really failed to give any surprises. Instead it just followed  a formula that was set before it, and just like the Hangover II and Green Lantern these presets would ultimately lead to movie goers dissatisfaction and earn it a place on our most disappointing films for 2011.


BumbleBee is not a Pet!! His a Fighting ROBOT!!!
We all love watching cars transform, and this time around we got to see cars transform in 3D, which was extra awesome but story wise, huge let down taking into account that when the film came out we were told that it would be the last transformers film. And if that was really the last, that would be just so sad.

Once again Michael Bay has shown his blatant disregard for characterizing the Transformers, which this entire franchise is based on. The badness of the second film, shown through once again in this film, with Bay trying to make a good film on the back of that one, and it couldn't really be done.

Some people might disagree with this but the truth of the matter is, Bay hid our bad this films story is by throwing in comedy, and action or transforming robots at strategic moments Ina the films to hide all these moments were more of the story was revealed.

Luckily for us this wasn't the last film, but it was certainly disappointing.


Sci-fi vs. Western, the genre mash up that was suppose to be one of thee biggest and coolest films around, but yep you guessed it, it just disappointed.

The first act of the film captured the spirit of this mash up but then the film just ended up fumbling along, with the last act just being totally ridiculous. We kinda wanted to see the film more balanced with its genres instead of getting a over the top Sci-fi with one dimensional villains.

Like all the films on our list, this film wasn't all that bad but it did disappoint.

Why don’t you tell us, what films let you down in 2011??


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