X-Men: First Class, It Just Might Be the Best one in the X-Men Franchise, X-2 still pretty Cool Though

X-men: First Class is truly First Class!!! (Sorry just couldn't resist it!!)
This is easily thee best X-Men film in the entire franchise and could easily be one thee greatest films produced by Marvel.

X-Men 1 and 2 will always be remembered as the comic book films that paved the way for so many other comic book franchises’ to be made into films. The tone of those two films has also inspired other directors such as Christopher Nolan, who made a similar tone to his film, Batman Begins.

But, where X1 & X2, under the direction of Bryan Singer (Now producer on First Class), Brett Ratner took over the franchise, with X-Men: Last Stand and then the director destroyed the franchise.

Wolverine’s origins story didn’t do any favors to the franchise, with the films audience and comic book fans alike, thinking that the X-Men franchise should probably go on a hiatus before another film is made.

James McAvoy Does a Wonderful Job of Playing Prof. X
Then came director Matthew Vaughn (Director of Kick-Ass), who was involved in X2 and was the original choice to take over the X3 (which by the way, once the film was released, came out as saying, “I could of made this film 100 times better and I’m not being arrogant), had his chance at making the film, and yes he was right, not arrogant!!!

This prequel film, does so many things right, in so many ways. The film manages has a totally different tone to any of the other films, yet Vaughn has still managed to keep some of themes from X1 & X2 alive.

Vaughn didn’t play it safe in this film, he took some risks, and the biggest risk that Vaughn took was to reshoot the iconic opening scene from X-Men. However, it paid off in a big way, as it sets the tone for the entire film and at the same time lets the audience realize that they in for something quite special.

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were superbly cast as Professor X and Magneto respectively. When you watch the film you cant help but realize that these two extraordinary actors will become as iconic as Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are as the older versions of the same characters they play.

Michael Fassbender Plays Magneto Wonderfully!!

A lot happens in First Class, with character development and relationships, and given to a lesser director, this could have just been made into a complicated mess. Vaughn, on the other hand, has an incredible story telling ability and you able to see the full character development from beginning to end. You see how they and understand why, and how they change, you even realize why Magneto is so against humans, and Vaughn sets Magnetos’ argument so strong in this film, that you cant help but agree with him at the end of it.

To our last point, X-Men: First Class has some of thee most awesomest cameo appearances in any film!! If you are a big X-Men fan, you better get ready to GEEK OUT when you watch this film!!! 

Our rating 8 ½ /10

M1 & M2 Giving You, The Review


  1. X Men First Class is one of the best X Men movies so far!

    Michael Fassbender is absolutely charismatic as the Master of Magnetism and James McAvoy is a perfect foil as Prof X.



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