Justice League of America

 No we know most of y'all think we crazy as hell for even insinuating this, but the truth of the matter is that Marvel has beat DC to it!! The first official team-up/Franchise Mash-up film is going to Marvel, and at the looks of things the Avengers is going to be thee coolest superhero team up film ever! For the simple reason that, we got introduced to all the characters in 4 prior films, making Avengers just a super big film!!

Now if DC really pushes forward with the Justice League all they really doing is just playing catch-up to Marvel. 

Not even taking into account that Christian Bale’s Batman is in its own reality, or that the Man of Steel is not part of that reality and that the Green Lantern just failed in all aspects, including being the first step in the Justice League. 

As you can clearly see, the Justice League seems a long way off, even though they haven’t even begun constructing it as yet.

However, a few years ago in 2007, just before the screen writers strike commenced, they had an idea of introducing the Justice league with, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Man Hunter, as a group of young men and woman that joined forces in their young days to become the Justice League. Eventually as they got older they would break up and create names for themselves.

That was a wonderful fresh idea. The principal cast was already set, but then the screenwriters strike struck and that film ended up going nowhere. It will forever be remembered as the Justice League film that never was.
Wonder Woman film??? hint hint

Since then, DC has decided to try and use Green Lantern to kick start the Justice League the same way Iron Man did for Marvel's the Avengers, not mention there streamlined Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, even if DC could make a good Green Lantern film, they
Underestimated the power of S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is the thread that ties the entire Marvel universe together, and without it, the Avengers are a failure. S.H.I.E.L.D. basically gives Marvel the opportunity to show the audience quite clearly how all these properties are set to connect, without having to introduce any of the other films major or minor characters.

Our conclusion is simple… With Green Lantern Failing and with no connectivity between there present franchises, Maybe DC shouldn't try and copy Marvel and speed up this Justice League initiative. Instead seeing as DC owns arguably the two biggest, most famous super heroes there is, in Batman and Superman, maybe a Justice League film isn't that necessary.

Our suggestion scrap the Justice League and do ONE or TWO of our THREE Ideas:


Aint no stoppin' Wonder Woman
So recently we picked on a story that NICOLAS WINDING REFN, the man behind that cult-Modern-classic Drive (Which is MAGNIFICENT), that released last year starting Ryan Gosling, has shown interest in doing A Wonder Woman film.

Drive, A Modern Classic by Refn
We don’t know about you, but if we were DC we would be getting him on the phone right about now, trying to get him to sign something that will lock him into doing this film within the next TWO years!!!

Nicolas Winding Refn is responsible for probably the awesomest film in this last decade, and in 2011 has provided audiences with a film that has this great austere, marvelously shot, with an inspiring aurora that captivates audiences in such a way that it simply was a reminder why we love Movies.

Refn is working with Ryan Gosling once again on Only God Forgives which will release later this year, and we pretty sure that this combination will prove magnificent once again.

If Refn does take charge of this film, we think he should get the total freedom, to create Wonder Woman’s reality, her world the way he envisioned it. Just the same as Bryan Singer did with X-Men and Christopher Nolan did with his Batman series. Only certain directors should get this total freedom, and we think Refn is one of them.

However this will mean that Wonder Woman cannot be tied to any other DC characters, she will have to stand on her own. Which is fine seeing what Christopher Nolan has done with the Batman trilogy.

The Man of Steel is also a stand-alone film, so that wouldn't be a problem.

Gina Carano is Beautiful but she can KICK YOUR ASS
Now a major problem for a Wonder Woman film, has always been down to, their inability to find the right actress to play the Amazonian princess.

Gina Caranao is now interested in playing Wonder Woman, and seeing that this chick can really kick some ass and be hands on, we sure under the direction of Refn we would be seeing something quite extraordinary.
Gina Carano + Refn = Amazing Wonder Woman.


This just might be a dream at this point in time, but oh what a lovely dream it is.


the Dark Knight & the Man of Steel Will Kick Ass

The Justice League is a cool concept but at the core of it, all we really want to see is Batman and Superman finally together on the big screen together!

It will make so much sense! Arguably the Two Biggest Superheroes in the world in one film together, this could easily be Box-Office Gold, not to mention the perfect cue for a follow up Justice League film.

Batman & Superman ultimate geek out
It will be much more beneficial to have these two characters star in a film, where they are the only protagonist. The thing with Superman and Batman is that they are the biggest Superhero’s in the comic book world. They have gathered the most success and rival each other when it comes to Comics, films and TV series.

When it comes to relationships, they have one of thee most complex relationships for superheros. Yes, they like each other, but they almost never quite get along. They don’t like they way each other work, but the goal at the end of the day is the same… Save Everyone!!

Its like Democrats & Republicans, they don’t get along, sometimes they even hate each other. However, if someone threatens the USA, they will fight hand in hand.

That’s the perfect representation of these Two Hero’s. If the safety of the world is threatened they will come after you, with everything they have to give, but this doesn’t mean that they always get along.

Batman & Superman MASH

With a Justice League Film some of that might get lost, by having to filter in all these other characters, that comic book fans will love seeing, but general audiences could care less about.

If the film just concentrates on these two heroes alone, you have time to shape a film that focus' on their differences as well as there growing friendship and admiration of one another. It would also be able to filter in more of the supporting players from each one's respective stories, making there world's really feel has one. 

I really think that a Superman & Batman film could be potentially BIGGER than an Avengers film or Justice League film if handled correctly.

The Trinity - The Legends

Our Third option would be to  develop a good character driven story, with wonderful enticing visuals in a world in which Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman can all exist.

Supes, Bats, & Princess
That’s right Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman film, this can serve as the basis for the Justice League and have them be the founding members and incorporate the group officially by the end of the film. Kind of a origin story for the Justice League, with  the three biggest superheroes being the founding members.

Instead of doing a all out Justice League film, DC can use some of thee most brilliant minds in the film industry, along with their creative staff to develop a story around these three characters that could star together in what could be called,
The Trinity: the Beginning of the League.

This film could just go about these three characters and there three different views on life while trying to save the world. You can have lots of fun with this by adding a lot of the supporting characters from each ones comics.

The best thing to do will probably tell the story from Wonder Woman’s point of view, because she will be new to this world, where Superman and Batman have been reigning supreme. Giving the audience time to get to know Wonder Woman, as she familiarizes herself with this new world.

Man Of Steel, Dark Knight, Amazon Princess
The Brilliant thing about that as well would be the fact that as Wonder Woman is finding out more about this world where Batman and Superman have been making names for themselves, we (the General Audience) will be coming into contact with this world for the first time with the Amazonian Princess. Giving us goose pimples to what a world with Batman and Superman really mean, as well as instantly allowing us to connect with Diana (Wonder Woman).

They are the three biggest DC heroes’, and seeing that we still haven't gotten a very big female superhero film that is actually good; introducing Wonder Woman as equals to Superman and Batman would get any fan and general audience member excited!! 

All that fans want to see is Superman & Batman together, if we get Wonder Woman that would be a bonus!

But is a Justice League film totally necessarily??? We think NOT!!!

We think DC should rather go one of those three ways that we mentioned, rather than doing a Justice League film just as yet.

If we were at DC we would go for a Teen Titans film, and give it a bit of a twist… but that’s for another day…

Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman All You Need for a Wonderful Justice League Film. NO OTHER MEMBERS!!
Let us know what you think?


  1. Wow, your analysis is very convincing and awesome. I'm a fan of both DC and Marvel.

  2. Thanks A lot man!! You best check out our Article on Avengers & the Amazing Spider-Man


  3. I TOTALLY AGREE! The Trinity is the way forward. Set up a facebook page to publicise your ideas. Really wonderful. Get Wonder Woman going then do a trinity film, the League can follow that. TotallY!

    1. We look it in!! Thanks man, i really think the Justice League will always be in Avengers shadow but the Trinity film will be something quite special

  4. I wish DC would hire you guys as consultants. Especially after hearing some of the rumors I've heard about the JLA film and Wonder Woman.

    1. LoL thanks man, we wish they would hire us!! Yep we been hearing pretty much the same things and its not a good sign... but Maybe they at least manage to do the Justice League Justice, but I fear for Wonder Woman....

  5. I agree but but i would still like to see a Justice League movie or something close to it, maybe like a Live Action Young Justice Movie, but than again they still might need a JL movie. Just something to bring DC close to Marvel.

  6. This is great, but maybe the best way to make the justice league is by bringing a higher evil force. If they brought Brainiac it would be easier to get everyone involved, its a big jump ahead. but i think it would turn things easier for DC.


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