CRAZY STUPID LOVE is a crazily good romantic comedy, which actually is a ROMANTIC COMEDY!! It isn’t just another rom comedy that plays with an idea of ‘perfect love’ and over the top comedy, but actually sets you up on a ride that can only be described as an emotional roller coaster and a good one at that.

Kevin Beacon, Ryan Gosling & Steve Carrell do Fight!!
The film is incredibly good at mixing these two genres perfectly, where as we have seen for the past for years rom comedies coming out and being really lackluster. 

What Crazy Stupid Love has done, is stepped out of these conventions of what a romantic comedy should be and managed to make a film that has a lot of heart in it.

When the film gets romantic, it really has a lot of romantic elements without overplaying this idea we have of seeing these grand gestures of romance.

When the film brings in the comedic element, it does perfectly! Better than most purely comedy films you have watched. This film brings this element into the film so seamlessly; you will be rolling on the floor in laughter. This also showed that comedy doesn’t have to be pointless antidotes to get the audience laughing, you just need very good writers and a better cast that can deliver these incredibly funny lines without breaking the flow of the scene.

Analeigh Tipton is brilliant like the entire cast
However, the film is also raveled with a lot of drama, and yet again even this is done perfectly in a film that is about ‘lost loves’, ‘first loves’, ‘rekindling love’ and all the other type of ‘loves’ in-between.

Emma Stone Gorgeous on the inside & out
The cast in this film is simply fantastic! This exceptionally well casted group of people steer this emotional mammoth of a film and each and everyone one of them embodies these characters with tremendous ease.

Steve Carell really embodies everything this film is about in his role. This is definitely a stand out performance for the comedic star as he his able to bring in just the right amount emotion, whether it being despair, sadness, or just throw in a touch of comedy; Carell manages to pull this off with the right amount of sincerity in every scene.

Ryan Gosling brings an entirely different element to this film, as he his incredibly suave, charismatic with so much charm you cant help but not like him. He is the totally opposite to Carell and yet there friendship is one that makes sense as it unravels with the film.
Ryan Gosling being Inappropriate!!

Juliann Moore brings a lot of the heart to the film as well as despair.
Emma Stone on the other hand is sort of like the thread that just weaves all these different personalities together, and she does this by just being her charmful self.

Either way, this is a really good film that is the perfect balance of Romance, Comedy, and something that you would not want to miss!!!

Our Rating 8.5/10

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