SuckerPunch was a real Sucker Punch!! This is by no means going to be one of the best movies of the year as we thought. We really had high hopes for this film, but it let us down. Don’t get me wrong the film wasn’t DragonBall Z horrible, but it wasn’t INCEPTION-ly well either. The action scenes are marvelously done, but storyline wise it could have been done better.
BabyDoll fan Art

The trailers convince us that this story will be the crown jewel in directors Zack Snyder’s film career, but the movie is a huge let down from his last two brilliant films, 300 & Watchmen.

SuckerPunch takes place in 3 different ‘realities,’ if we can call it that. The first reality is REALITY. The second reality is, in essence a reality that the girls make for themselves so that they can deal with being in this asylum for the insane. And lastly, this reality is basically BABYDOLL’s imagination where all the action takes place.

Now, the majority of the film is told in this second and third reality, which in-turn doesn’t really make the audience aware of the impending danger these girls are facing, because in the second reality things don’t look that bad and in the third reality they basically just kicking zombie, machine, & dragon ass!! So we are never really afraid for the characters.

Another thing is the film is basically told in three acts, which starts with music montages to tell the story. Then we move in to video game mode, where we get a whole lot of action, and the bare minimum of the story. But, then when you just about to give up all hope for this film, the third act give us the taste of what we hoped the film would be.
The Girls Do Kick Ass

Only when we come to the end of the film, do you really get sucked into how dangerous this mission is for the girls, and that they could actually get hurt!! The last act of the movie, grabs the audience attention and all of a sudden you feel for these characters and you sense the eminence danger. And like all Zack Snyder’s films, the end has you leaving the cinema with film still playing on your mind.

Unfortunately the ending cant save the train smash of this film.

On the girls performance, Abbie Cornish (Sweat Pea) & Jena Malone (Rocket) really carry the film on an emotional basis, and they shine in their roles. Both girls put in a performance that can by no means not be noticed when you watch the film. Emily Browning (BabyDoll) is more plastic in her role, keeping the same emotionless face for most of the film. While Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie) & Jamie Chung (Amber) were just the pretty faces in film, often just standing in the background and not having much to do with the development of the story.

SuckerPunch promised us to be so much more then what it was, a film that Girls can be excited for, for women empowerment, but even that was perverted by near rapes, and no promise of vengeance, instead we got a bitter sweat ending and a film that would suit a video game, better than a film. Our Verdict Suckerpunch earns 4/10, and the ending saves it from being any lower.

M1 & M2 with the Review!!!  


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