Ghost Protocol: Things Don't Go Down the Way You Would Hope!!
Given that Mission Impossible III was a true classic for the type of film that it is and the best Mission Impossible film to date, it was almost impossible for them to make a better film. Yet, they did!!!

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is truly something that has to be completely unique to the film industry, as this film franchise, along with its star Tom Cruise, just seems to get better and better.
NO CGI!! Thats Real!!!

This film sees Brad Bird makes his live-action directorial debut, and JJ Abrams (Director on MI:III) take up a producer role in this film, and this surely seems like a brilliant combination.

The film is extremely stylish, fast-paced and a lot more tense then you might think. The film will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end as this film is not at all like any other Mission Impossible films to date.
All the conventions that are normally in a MI film is kept, yet they don’t go the way we come to expect from this film series. Events really unfold in unassuming ways and make for a brilliant thrill ride from beginning to end.

Tom Cruise does what he does best in is franchise and takes on death defying stunts, that most will assume is CGI but is in actual fact real.

Paula Patton is Gorgeous than Ever, oh yeah Tom Cruise is there Too.

The one aspect that we loved about this film was the team. Tom wasn’t playing on his own with a little help from the team as we come to expect from a MI film. No!! Instead the team was just as beneficial and influential on the story as Ethan Hunt.
They each had their own thing going on within the story, and they had their own unique bit of skill, to help with the mission.

Jeremy Renner is Awesome!!
With MI: III really being very tense and a bit of a drama with the stakes high for Ethan, with MI: IV the stakes are even higher for the world and yet, with everything just going wrong with a team that is totally unprepared, they still manage throw in abit of comedy every now then to keep you smiling and enjoying the film from beginning to end!! 

Paula Patton is beautiful yet very deadly in her role in the film, yet she brings the emotionality t o the story. Simon Pegg brings his humour but, his very eager to get things done.
Jeremy Renner, certainly cements himself as a action hero, in this film… as you see his character go from a pencil pusher, that is simply a pessimist and not being able to do much expect being negative, to a real MI agent kicking ass.
 Renner could definitely be the future of this franchise if Ethan Hunt ever decides to finally retires, Renner as Brandt could easily take charge as the star.

All in all, MI: IV is brilliant, a movie that will keep you entertained from beginning to end, and a franchise that seems to be just getting better with each passing movie and seems like it just cant do no wrong. Easily one of thee best films of the year.

Our Rating 9/10

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