TOP 10 FILMS OF 2011


This our Top 10 films for 2011, we chose a variety of different genres to compile this list of films that we felt you had to just watch in 2011.

Now Ladies And Gentleman these films are Our Top 10 films that you had to have watched in 2011!!!!

10. THOR

We didn’t have any hope for this film at all, like many fans of Thor, the marketing for this film was bad, every picture that came out, the posters, the trailer, everything basically pointed to this film sucking and the end of Avengers even before it could be made.

Tom Hiddleston has Loki ... LOVE IT!!!!
BUT (THANK ODIN, FOR THAT BUT), The film was MARVEL-ous!!! Kenneth Branagh will forever be know as the man that saved Marvel from potentially what could have been their biggest flop. Thor is one of the hardest characters to convert from comic to the big screen, and yet Branagh done it in style.

Chris Hemsworth, who know one knew, shone as Thor, embracing all the wonderful aspects of the character that we all so much love.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki was just a revelation to this film; Tom has already become an icon to all comic book fans. With his performance as the god of mischief being so captivating that it’s easily regarded as the second best performance for a comic book film (the First being Heath Ledgers Joker).

Loki has opened so many doors for Tom Hiddleston in Hollywood, so you can expect him to bring his A game when he reprise his role in Avengers.


Like Thor, not much was expected from Fast Five. After the fourth film that managed to perform quite well at the box office, bringing in the highest returns in the franchise at just over $360mil, but it was another mediocre film, that made tremendous mistakes that could of killed off the franchise.

The Rock, Gal Gadot, Jordana Brewster, Vin Diesel & Paul Walker they FAST FIVE!!!

But, it never, instead Vin Diesel decided to use his Facebook Page (Which is still the most popular page on Facebook), to listen to what the fans want. It was simple, bring back Tyrese, lets have the Rock vs. Vin, which was a bit of stretch but it happened.

They took a few of fans ideas and what they did, is probably give us thee most epic story in the entire franchise.

They connected all the franchises for the first in the film, and they managed to respect each one. They gave everyone in the film enough screen time to keep us all entertained.

It was a simple action-Heist film,  but they hit all the rights notes, so much so it made people fall in love with each film in the franchise all over again.

Oh and this one managed to bring in just over $600mil.


Kevin Beacon Vs Ryan Gosling Vs Steve Carell who will win?? Thats a RETARD-ical Question

Probably one of the best romantic comedy films ever made. This is one of a few romantic comedies that choses to be clever instead of going for over use clich├ęs and a perfect idea of love.

Crazy Stupid Love as a wonderful ensemble cast that play at all their strengths. Watching Ryan Gosling as gregarious and charming as ever, Emma Stone being incredibly sweet yet corky and their wonderful chemistry.

Julianne Moore and Steve Carrell were wonderful in the film.

This film is definitely worthwhile and will definitely become a favorite after watching.



Between Bridesmaids and Horrible Bosses we cant chose which one was the better R-Rated Comedy.
Yes that is Jennifer Anniston as a Brunette!!!! in Horrible Bosses!!

Both these films gave us a very fresh story but was incredibly hilarious as well.

Bridesmaids was very different kind of chick flick that shows us how nasty girls can really get, but it was hilarious all the way.

Horrible Bosses was maybe a play on how all of us feel about your bosses, and this film really gave us that opportunity to indulge in some of our darker thoughts about getting rid of them. But, everything goes wrong and it makes for one hilarious film.

Its hard to decide because with both these films we were laughing from beginning to end.


Was there a better comic book film than X-Men: First Class? HELL No!!

X-Men First Class its Simply just better Than X, Maybe not X2 or Maybe it is. Its Just Magnificent
Most of were saying that X-Men should take a break before another film is made. We all assumed with the completely horrible last two outings for the X-Men that the last thing they needed was to release another sequel that would potentially bomb.

However, no one forsaw how instrumental the appoint of Michael Vaughn (Kick-Ass) in the directors chair with Bryan Singer back as the producer this time around, would be.

X-Men: First Class is arguably the best X-Men film, critics and fans alike cant decide if X2 or First Class the best. That Speaks volumes for this film in itself, as X2 was considered and still is considered one of thee all time best comic book films ever made.

Not only has First Class proved itself as one of the best comic book films ever made, but It already iconized Michael Fassbender as Magneto, something that most people thought could never be done, as Ian McKellen is in the hearts of so many X-Men fans heart as Magento. It would seem as though Fassbenders performance as got him a spot in our hearts as well.

Everybody was wonderful in the film, and with Michael Vaughn and Bryan Singer once again steering this franchise, we cant but help to be optimistic for the future of this franchise that once not to long ago, seemed very dark in comparison.


Woody Allen, Owen Wilson and the Beautiful Rachel McAdams in Cann
This has to be one of thee best romantic/comedy/fantasy film ever.

Directed & written by Woody Allen, this film is definitely his love letter to France, but it has the sense and sensibility kid in a chocolate factory.

Owen Wilson is the star, in this film that has a wonderful collaborative cast that includes Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen and Tom Hiddleston. (Yes Loki is here too.)
This film is also a metaphor on relationships and how we handle these relationships and each other.

This film captures, culture, history and love all at once, and keeps you highly entertained through out the entire film.


Could it of been any better?? Hell No!! We loved every minute of this MI film, which just went the grain, the strands, the DNA of what a MI film should be. And we loved them for doing it.

The mission wasn’t at all as clean as we come to expect a MI film to go, things were just not going the way of our protagonist, and it kept us on the edge of our seat the entire time… even the SECOND time we watched it.

Paula Patton giving us a Reason not to see Tom alone in a MI film ever again!!!
We loved the fact that this film was very much team orientated and not just Tom as the main protagonist as the previous films.

In fact, Mission Impossible the original TV series was actually inspired by the DC comic Suicide Squad, so the TV series was always Team orientated and its nice to see that they decided to return to there roots. 

Jeremy Renner & Paula Patton were wonderful additions into this franchise, and Simon Pegg returning in a bigger capacity was a smart move by Director Brad Bird, producer JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise.

Even though the stacks are at its highest in this film, than its ever been, Bird still managed to make it fun. Its clear to us, that this cast enjoyed working with each other and we definitely looking forward to them reteaming in a fifth MI film.


This has to be one film that was flying under the radar and know one really thought that this film could be as good as it really is.

But needless to say, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a true classic. We can easily imagine 20, 30, 40 years from now people could still watch this film and appreciate it for what it is.

And what it ism, is a true masterpiece. It’s a film that warns us against animal testing , something that still is happening. It’s a film about the rise of Caesar, a Ape that comes from humble beginnings to become a revolutionary icon. 

The genius about this story is that its told has if it’s a human story, about a revolutionary leader. The ups and downs in his life and what it takes for him to finally get pushed over the edge.

The films only weakness would have to be in the title: Planet of the Apes. No yes, this guarantees that the fan boys will come watch the film, but at the same time a lot people are just put off by that because they have a preconceived idea of what a Planet of the Apes movie is.

Truthfully, this film is nothing like the others, and when those same people take a chance and actually watch this film, they instantly fall inlove with it, from beginning to end.


Instant cult classic.

This film isn’t really our number 2, its as very much our Number 1 film as our Number one film is.

Drive will drive its way straight into your heart, there is no way that you could not love this film. This film is the very best of cinema.

A Moder Classic . . . So True!!!
The film captures the spirit of films like Bullit, and the time of the 80’s yet it doesn’t feel like its totally stuck in that era.
Drive gets totally immersed in the story, aesthetics, styling and a soundtrack that really captures the spirit of the film. With the occasional very shockingly violent scenes, that is very graphic.

The Soundtrack is a total extension of the character of Driver and they go hand in hand. The soundtrack has received so much plaudits from fans and critics and managed to climb to number 4 on iTunes as a most downloaded album.
Turns out, you cant just watch Drive, you have to listen to it too.

Its been a while since we fell inlove with a film, and the perfection of Drive has definitely hit us head over heals.

Ryan Gosling performance in this film, is as mesmerizing as ever, without words he still manages steer the audience emotions and keeps us listening attentively for when he does finally choose to speak.

Nicolas Winding Refn, is the other half of the coin that made this film has great as it is. His vision, his style, his eye for detail and knowing how to change the pace of the film was key.

Drive has already picked up 101 Nominations for various awards, and managed to win 42 awards and still counting.

With Refn and Gosling reteaming for Only God Forgives, we excited to see if this amazing duo can produce another film, that will forever remain in our hearts as Drive has.


This Chick will Kill your Ass
This is film is very much sharing the Number one spot with Drive, but that’s not because Drive is so classic, its because The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is probably the best film of this year.

Rooney Mara at the Premier
Rarely has their been a big budget commercial film, that has touched on so many themes that affect our every day lives, while being has dark and twisted as this film.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is seriously not for everyone, especially the faint of heart.

The film really dives into subjects that have become taboo when we have to deal with them, yet there are people affected by it everyday. This film chooses not to try and place a mask over it, instead it shows us just how sick and demented people can really be.

This film is by no means a feel good movie, yet while watching this you know that you watching something marvelous.
Like Drive, the aesthetics of this film, as well as the soundtrack is something that you can easily marvel at, as the film has a very unique style.

But where this film really shines, is with its star player. Like Drive, Ryan Gosling has given us a memorable protagonist in Driver, and we really watch become superhero.

Daniel Craig is also in this film?!

In the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, we see the beautiful Rooney Mara (Social Network), transform herself into the introvert, awkward, disturbed, quite weird Lisbeth Salander, and just like Drive, we see her become a superhero.

Never has there been a character like Lisbeth, and she is definitely embodies woman empowerment, has in all her weirdness there is an incredibly strong woman, that gives harder than she gets.

Rooney Mara is amazing in this role, and she will probably land a Oscar for this film without a doubt.
Daniel Craig is also wonderful in this film, but he kind of finds himself in that Rise of the Planet of the Apes situation… (The Apes were so good they just overshadowed every one), and here Rooney Mara’s Performance is so enticing, mesmerizing that she just over shadows everyone in this film.

This film has a running of 150minutes or 2 and a half hours, yet because you so involved in the story the time really just fly’s by, and that’s due to our captivating the film is even though its hard to watch at times.

So what was your Favorite Film for 2011????


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