An exhilarating thrill ride- Drive is completely patient in its story delivery as it offers a perfect balance of high octane action, drama and an enthralling story that will definitely be putting director Nicolas Winding Refn on the map.
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Drive is a film unlike any other. The film is a throwback, to true classic car-chase films like Bullet and Point Blank, and it’s quickly garnering cult status as one of the best car-chase films ever made.
Refn, has managed to provide a wonderful blend of his story telling ability, with a sheer artistry in his camera work.

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The opening sequence in Drive is testament of this. We are introduced to Driver (Ryan Gosling), as he gets ready to be a getaway driver for some thugs, this first scene will immediately suck you into the film as we get to see the entire get away through the perspective of Driver, an ingenious move by Refn and makes for one hell of a sequence.

The film has an unassuming mixture of noir, grotesque violence and an intertwining storyline that at first isn’t as clear as you would think, and as the film catches momentum the story just unravels itself.

Ryan Gosling is the true star player in this film, and has to be one of his best performances to date. He plays this unknown Driver with an incredible aura, which so few in Hollywood could manage. The character has a lot of mystery to him, and speaks only when he needs to, with audience listening intensively as to just hear the next line that Gosling will deliver.
Albert Brooks is Fantastic

However the entire cast of this film, is incredibly as every person that has a role in this film approaches it with just the right amount of feeling for their respective characters. Carey Mulligan is a true star on the rising, and Drive pays testament to this with a quite subtle yet completely accurate performance by the beautiful star.
Drive - Instant Cult Status

Albert Brooks, who is known as a comedic actor, has probably the best performance of his life playing Bernie Rose, the primary Antagonist of this film. The beauty of his performance is that he is subtle in it, so much so, that you not even sure if he really is the antagonist until the 3rd act.

The film is also has the look and the feel of heist film in the 80’s with a soundtrack that pushes it into that era, keeping gritty pulpy feeling to the film with that dash of noir that makes it an artistic marvel.

General movie audiences might miss this film, but what we can guarantee you is that this is one of the best films of the year, and we can assure you when we make our top 10 films of 2011 list Drive will definitely be Number 1! Its truly fantastic, memorable, CLASSIC!!!

Our Rating 10/10



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