The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Review

Sick, dark, twisted, violent, forbidden, brilliant!!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo turns out to be something quite unique. For all the thrills, shills, and disgust that tends to evoke itself through this story, the film shines through as one of the best films for the year.

Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara 
The film tends to deals with a lot of issues, which happen in our everyday lives, yet we chose to ignore them or just sink ourselves in whatever we doing that we could care less.

Rooney Mara, is truly the star of the film, with her performance as Lisbeth Salander.

She is odd, weird, quiet, yet as this element of danger emit off her with a ghostly aura.

Rarely have we seen a performance as powerful as this. She even gives Heath Ledgers Joker a good run.

Lisbeth represents the true meaning of a feminist. As she is a women that, gets things done, no matter what's the cost. She is as strong as any male character in literature. In an age where, females have been represented as either, business woman with a whole lot insecurities, or women that all they good for is shopping, or girls that relies on vampire and her wolf to save her, while not being able to chose which one she likes best...

Lisbeth comes through as a highly driven, motivated; women that yearns for justice, and won't stop at anything to see it carried it. However in all her hardness and strength, you still see the fragility in her, as is in all of us.

Director David Fincher, managed to make a wonderful film, that keeps you intrigued from beginning to end, and the film will play on your mind long after you left the cinema.

You realize that there is a lot of pain and anguish in Lisbeths past for making her the way she is, but she uses this pain to drive her forward in what ever she does.

Rarely has there been such a wonderfully character driven story, in an age where we want to see farcical love stories and over the top action films. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo comes through as a film about heinous crimes, that's seen through the eyes of a realist.

Just by the way, Daniel Craig has a wonderful performance in this film, and he carries this film just as much as Rooney, but Rooney Mara really does just overshadow everyone in this film. But, everybody is wonderful in this film.

P.S do not take kids or people that are sensitive to violence... The rape scene in this film really is quite graphic and very disturbing.

Even though that scene is hard to watch, the entire movie is quite brilliant, and we love it.

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