Its Horribly Funny!!

Like all great R-Rated comedies, this film plot stems from quite a simple idea; you hate your boss so much that you would like too kill him! Director Seth Gordon then managed to take this simple idea and transform it into one of thee best comedies.

This is definitely the comedy of the year as it is a fresh take on obnoxious bosses and the employees that hate them so much!! Its well written, brilliantly executed, perfectly casted & really a F-ed up adventure that will have you shocked at the amount of profanity but it will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Wonderful Cast
This film is extremely grossly inappropriate in all its moments but that’s what makes it so much fun and hilariously funny. The story is also enormously exaggerated just as the first Hangover but its just as fresh as it was as well.

The film is basically about three friends (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis) who work for three Horrible Bosses (Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Anniston & Colin Farrell). As things go from bad to worse with their bosses, they decide to kill each other’s bosses, and this sets up a wild, fun, at times tense, but very funny adventure.

Yes! That is Jamie Foxx with Tattoos on his Head
Sudeikis, Day and Bateman have been brilliantly cast and there is a genuine chemistry between the actors that translates on to the screen and as such its makes them very likable characters.

Everybody in the film has an excellent performance but the true star of the film has to be with out a doubt, Charlie Day!
He is fairly an unknown commodity and yet every time he hits the screen he steals it away from anybody that he is sharing the screen with. There are some very big stars in film but we can say with out a doubt Day is the true star of this film. He is definitely the reason that you should watch the film, especially for his last scene with Jennifer Anniston, if nothing got you laughing from the film that last scene will!!

Now we not saying that the big stars in the film are not the good, on the contrary, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Anniston and Colin Farrell are all brilliant in this film and all of them will have you laughing from these ridiculous overly exaggerated roles that they play in the film.

Spacey, Anniston & Farrell play the most outlandish eccentric, outrageously inappropriate obnoxious bosses to ever hit the big screen!! Yet they so funny!!!

Jennifer is a whore… LoL there is really no other way to put it. She plays a sexual predator in this film but on a whole new level!! You have never seen Jennifer play a role like this looking as sexy as ever!! Get ready to hear thee most atrocious profanities to come out of the mouth of Americas Sweetheart!!

Spacey is probably thee worst boss in the film. He is cunning, maniacal, probably insane and a real beast. He sets up most of the comedic and darker elements of the story.

Jennifer Anniston So inappropriate, But hilarious, with Charlie Day
Farrell on thee other hand is probably the star of the bosses!! YOU HAVE NEVER EVER EVER SEEN FARRELL IN A ROLE REMOTELY CLOSE TO THIS ONE!!! He is obnoxious and hilariously funny. Our only compliant is that he never had enough screen time!! But we pretty sure the DVD will be a great buy, as there will definitely be some great deleted scenes!!

Now we can go on and on about how great the story is and how funny it is but all you need to know is that Horrible Bosses is a fresh comedy that is laden with bad language and there is some dark elements but it definitely rivals The Hangover when its comes to good fresh comedies. We loved the film, and it is a must watch comedy!!! So get your buddies and go!!!!

Our Rating 8/10

M1 & M2 with the Review


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