With the success of the Transformers franchise and especially the Box office performance of the Dark of the moon, it was only obvious to assume that they wouldn't be letting go of this franchise just yet.

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But for a while Hollywood really thought that the Transformers: Dark of the Moon would be the last film in the franchise. This in turn had studio execs all over Hollywood running around trying to find the next big robot movie to work on to capture this robot loving audience.

Voltron seemed to be the successor to the transforming cars for a while, but that seems to have vanished almost completely. There are still quite a number of rumors that this film could yet still move into production, however we think we still a few more years away from that.

Spielberg than took this opportunity to find his very own robot film to direct, in which he did. Spielberg will be directing Robopocalypse, which is based on a novel of the same name. The film will more than likely be aiming for a 2014 release date.

The success of Transformers has also paved the way for other toy franchises and yes, even board games to be turned into Films. Such films like GI Joe, Battleship (which releases in March) and Monopoly (yes u read right, it's currently in development), all got the opportunity to do this transition thanks to the success of the Transformers films.
Shockwave could of been so much cooler

Now it seems like the Studio execs don't want to say Goodbye to their Billion-dollar baby just as yet, as they already in the early negotiations with director Michael Bay to bring Optimus and the Autobots back again.

Bay is responsible for getting the realistic feel to these Transforming cars, yet our problem with him is that he cared so little about the Transformers themselves, often giving them personalities but they weren’t really characters. They were just used to kind of seduce us (the audience) in the action scenes and just to watch them transform whether it was from car to robot or vicer versa.
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They never really carried the storyline, in a film that was named after them. They we're kind of exploited brought in to sex up the action scenes, with human characters really carrying the story.

The transformers will rarely speak, only Optimus was handled has a character, Bumblebee was more of a pet, than a super advance alien robot species.

Megan Fox and BumbleBee.. That First Good Film!!
Communication between the Autobots and the humans was sometimes lost between them. As often the Autobots would say something to the humans but it was like they wouldn't even be listening.

In the Dark of the Moon, Shockwave was introduced and he is such a wonderful complex character that’s not so much of a Decepticon than you will think, but by no means an Autobot. Michael Bay then too Shockwave and just reduced him to nothing more than a silent henchman.

Shockwave is a scientist, an engineer, designing ways creating to new inventions, robots (Like that giant worm robot in the film), but he is only with the decipticons because they can give him what he needs. He is very intelligent and at some point gathers his own army to try and over throw Megatron. In his mind this makes sense as he feels he is a better leader. He is much more of a thinker, much more calculated, he doesn’t just take orders from Megatron, and there are some decepticons that swore there allegiance to him.

If that element was added to that film, it could have been so much better, but Bay doesn't see it like this. He doesn't take his time to characterize the Autobots instead they just turn out to be caricatures of themselves.

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With a 4th film now seemingly in the works, and Shia LeBouf adamant that he wont be returning to the franchise as Sam Witwickey, we just hope that the Transformers will finally get there due and get to add there weight to the storyline just as much as they do in action.

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