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Marvel 2012
Who will join the Avengers in Avengers 2?? 

With the recent astronomical success that Marvel's Avengers proved to be, and quite frankly is still proving to be, the comic book genre has been reinvigorated, revitalized and re-energized by Marvel's "Phase One" as it looks like we will be seeing a lot more Comic book characters make the leap to the big screen in future.

Where the Dark Knight showed the world that comic book characters could be taken seriously, when the right tone is found for the character. In Batman’s case it just happened to be when the film is more dark, realistic and grounded.

Avengers, on the other hand, showed the world why we love comics, by bringing us a story that could have easily been taken out the pages, panel for panel, of a Marvel Comic.

Needless to say that we are very excited to see what the future holds for Earths Mightiest Heroes, and as such with a Ant-Man film edging ever so closely to being realized, we decided to look at some of Marvel's Awesome characters that could make that leap to the big screen, and then we looked at the actors and actresses that could potentially play them.

We based our decisions on getting the right person, based on their look, as well their overall acting ability. We seen how Marvel has gone about picking the right people to play their heroes, whether they young and unknown (Chris Hemsworth - Thor, Tom Hiddleston - Loki), older and experienced (Sam Jackson - Nick Fury, Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man) or simply good experienced known actors (Chris Evans - Captain America, Scarlett Johansson - Black Widow), it doesn't matter really, Marvel just look for the perfect fit for the role. 

As for the characters, we just picked some of our favorite characters that we would like to see sometime in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So check out our Top picks below and let us know what you think?
On a Weekly basis we will go into more depth about why we chose these specific characters and why we chose that specific actor or actress to play them. So make sure you come back to FilmRaps to check out that, as we will release two character + cast pick per week!

Let us know what you think? Should Marvel hire us for our inspiring picks, or should we just keep writing interesting articles to get the fan-boy brain running in overdrive??


Avengers Ant Man, Wasp, Apartment 23, krysten Ritter, James Van Der beek, The mentalist, the artist dawsons creek 2012
Berenice Bejo, Simon Baker, James van der Beek & Krysten Ritter
Our picks for AntMan and Wasp
This is probably the whole reason why we did this article, with Marvel President Kevin Feige, recently announcing that a Ant-Man film is closer than ever to becoming a reality, it's probably safe to say that Henry Pym, along with his wife, Wasp, will be joining the Avengers in the sequel.

Simon Baker is amazing as the Mentalist with his fine eye for detail; this is something that Ant-man shares, just with a fine eye for detail in technology and science. He is our number One Choice for Ant-Man.

Our Wild Card pick for Wasp, and probably our number one choice, will have to be Bérénice Bejo, the French star from the Artist. We might not know anything about her, but she really does look the part, and she really gives an awesome performance in the Artist. This could be the type of role that could define as this character and we think she could easily be loved as wasp.

In this case we go with James van der Beek! Yes the guy that played Dawson's Creek is our pick, and why not?? He has the look, he has the acting ability, and he will probably do an incredible job of portraying a slightly young Hank Pym.

Our young Wasp will have to be Krysten Ritter (Perfect Casting). She always plays characters that are quite charismatic, vibrant, and she always seems to be having fun with her roles. With her as Janet, you can be assured that Wasp will be the fun, loving, yet the big personality we come to expect from the small Avenger.


Ms Marvel avengers marvel 2012 2015 film
Katherine Winnick, MS MARVEL, Claire Danes and Charlize Theron 

Ms. Marvel is probably one character that is as big, powerful and prominent as the big three (Iron Man, Thor and Captain America) in The Avengers, in recent years! Ms. Marvel has really made her name for herself, so much so, that she is often the leader for the Avengers, and soon we will be seeing her become Marvels new Captain Marvel.

Charlize Theron would be the perfect casting for Carol Danvers. To many fans as well as us Ms. Marvel has really become the big iconic Avenger, which can stand alongside the "Big Three" as one of the best. She is a real big character and as such you would want an actress that can command the screen, and Charlize Theron can most certainly do that.

Claire Danes, has been acting for along time now, having a whole lot of TV has well film roles, she is tremendously versatile and a wonderful talent, a role like Ms. Marvel would certainly make sure that everybody knows who she is.

Katherine Winnick is our wildcard pick!! She definitely looks the part, and she has starred in a whole bunch of films and TV series albeit in minor roles. She has won silver medals in The Canadian National Taekwondo championships; needless to say she is a real fighter. With this girl being a certified fighter, and having the perfect look to play Carol Danvers, who knows, Ms. Marvel might just be her breakout role.


avengers 2012 2016
Eric Dane, Doctor Strange and Jean Dujardin

Doctor Strange is probably one thee most powerful characters in Marvels History, and he his abilities with magic cannot be rivaled!

Eric Dane is our number one pick for Doctor Strange! He definitely has the look to play Strange, but this character might be a bit of a push for Dane, but we feel that he would be brilliant in it.

Jean Dujardin is probably a wild card pick for this character, but he does have tremendous acting ability and seeing his 2 Funny or Die vids, it's clear his not shy to have a bit of fun, and Doctor Strange will be a stretch for him, but we think Jean will have fun in this role, and fans will enjoy performance by the French man! We just like Jean!!


avengers 2 2012 2015
Djimon Honsou, Black Panther and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje 

T'Challa is one of the few black superheroes to have really made an impact in the comic book world. T'Challa comes from a fictional country in Africa called Wakanda where the title Black Panther is given to the chief of the tribe.

He also becomes a long-standing member of the Avengers, so if they choose to add more members in film, T'Challa is a no brainier.

Djimon Honsou is by far every fans number one choice as well as ours!! If there is someone that is meant for this role it has to be Djimon. It will be lovely to see his banter with Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, when it comes to whose technology is better! Djimon is a shoe in for the role.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is our second choice for the role, as he certainly looks the part, and he is a very good actor given his long line of roles that have been quite different in the past.


avengers 2 2015 2012
Luke Cage: Dwayne Johnson, Michael Jai White and Terry Crews

Luke Cage is a mercenary for hire, but then he also becomes a true hero, and an active member of the Avengers as well as becoming a leader of his own Avenger team.

Luke Cage posses superhuman strength, durability, a healing factor and is a very skilled fighter. He is quite the personality, being very charismatic but can be quite serious at times.

Dwayne Johnson is quite frankly an obvious choice given his physique, personality and action star status. The Rock has shown that he is more than capable of headlining is own film, as well as taking a back step in a ensemble film, which is important when thinking about Avengers.

Michael Jai White is probably our Second choice; he has the body, and the personality to really pull off a great Luke Cage. If you seen him has Gambol in the Dark Knight or has Jax in Mortal Kombat Legacy, you will know this is the guy that should be Luke Cage!

Terry Crews is our wild card pick. Terry never really had a big film with him as the sole protagonist, Luke Cage will be the perfect opportunity for Terry Crews to carry his own film, as well as being the perfect person to join a huge ensemble cast like the Avengers.

Avengers 2 2012 2016
Gina Carano, She Hulk and Erica Durance

She-Hulk has probably the easiest origin story than all female and male superheroes. It could be so easily adapted for Avengers 2 or a Hulk film! (We won't touch on it now, but make sure you check back when we explain why we want She-Hulk).

She-Hulk is also a long-standing member of the Avengers but also a Member of S.H.I.E.L.D., she will be a welcomed addition to the team.

Gina Carano is our Number One Pick for She-Hulk! This lady is an ex-UFC fighter and she is beautiful!! She might not have a whole lot of acting experience but she is better than most models, singers or wrestlers, and all her fighting experience could seriously come in handy for big action sequences.

Erica Durance is our wild card pick for She-Hulk, after all She-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters is a certified lawyer, so she is smart, powerful and incredibly charming, traits that Erica has shown on countless episodes of Smallville.


avenger 2 2012 2016
Valkyrie: Tamsin Egerton, Evan Rachel Wood and Rhona Mitra

Brunhilde is probably the only other Asgardian beside the mighty Thor himself, to have such an affinity with earth. Brunhilde (Valkyrie), the defender of Midgard, is one of thee coolest characters marvel have, and she is a Character that would be a welcomed addition if she comes in Thor 2, and manages to sneak her way into the Avengers. Even though she is an Asgardian, Brunhilde made her first appearance in an Avengers comic.

Evan Rachel Wood would be our pick for a young Brunhilde or Samantha Parrington they both Valkyrie. This young actress has been around for a while now and she will certainly bring weight to the role.

Rhona Mitra has starred in countless films as a strong female character, to general audiences she is most famous for her role in Underworld: rise of the Lycans. Mitra possesses the screen presence to really make Valkyrie feel like a warrior that has fought in countless battles.

 Yasmin Egerton, might be an unknown commodity to general audience, but this beauty is a very talented actress, all she needs is the right role to take her to the top! She's our pick for Valkyrie.


Avengers 2 2012 2016
Top Left: Spider Woman, Top Right: Emilia Clarke, Bottom Left: Mary Winstead, Bottom Right: Paula Patton

Spider-Woman might share the same name to one of Marvels biggest properties, Spider-man, but that's all that they share! These two characters are nothing alike, even there powers are not the same at all.

Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) might have a bit of a complicated origin story, especially when it comes to her gaining her powers. But she is an active S.H.I.E.L.D. agent as well as Avenger an ex-Hydra agent.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has taken on very different roles in the past, she is a brilliant actress, she is head strong, and she has the looks as someone who can stamp her authority. She is a total fit for Jessica Drew.

Emilia Clarke is a very good actress. She had incredible depth in her acting ability, and she will bring a vulnerability to Jessica Drew that few can. Seeing that Jessica Drew is British, and so is Rebecca, this is one casting we feel just makes sense.

Paula Patton is our wild card pick and probably  one pick to really make Spider-Woman memorable. Mission Impossible has shown that she can kick ass, and she is extremely charming. She will be an awesome Jessica Drew.


avengers 2 2012 2016
Doug Jones, Vison, and Clark Gregg Aka Agent Coulson
Ultron creates vision but, he is kind of made too perfect as Vision chooses not to follow his master and instead becomes an Avenger, and a hugely popular one in fact!!

Vision is a perfect fit in this Marvel Cinematic universe, and his technology is quite baffling to everybody, as he his incredibly sophisticated machine, that's almost human in his programming and thought process. (Think Jarvis with a Body)

If Vision is done, then Doug Jones has to play him. Doug Jones did Silver Surfer in fantastic Four as well as the Abe serpent in Hellboy, so his perfect for this sort of thing.

Liam Neeson or Lawrence Fishbourne can provide the voice!

Clark Gregg played Agent Coulson in Avengers, and we all know how that ended! There has been a lot of speculation by fans about Coulson returning as Vision and we will share our thoughts on that matter soon.


Avengers 2 2012 2016
Mattew Fox, Moon Knight and Joel Edgerton

You think it’s difficult for a superhero to juggle 2 identities, try being Moon Knight A superhero with 4 identities: His superhero identity Moon Knight, a millionaire entrepreneur Steve Grant, a Taxi Driver Jade Lockley and his real life self Mark Spector.

A character that doesn't really have any powers, normally using traditional as well highly advanced weapons. However, this character is quite dark and has a lot issues that he has to deal with.

Joel Edgerton is a interesting prospect, if you watched Warrior you will know that Joel is a perfect for Moon Knight, if he does appear  in a future Marvel film, we hope that Joel will be playing him.

Truthfully, Matthew Fox was never on our radar for any role in any Marvel Comic that is until the first few images popped up online of him, I'm Alex Cross. Well that certainly changed our minds. Fox has always put in solid performances but with Alex Cross showing that he can go an extra mile, we certain with him as Moon Knight it will be quite an interesting take.


Avengers 2 2012 2016
Dave Franco, Nova and Lucas Till
Marvel President Kevin Feige recently stated that Galaxy of the Guardians would get a film. Meaning more of Marvel's cosmic universe will be explored. however, how can u go exploring the universe without NOVA!! Said to be a mixture of Spider-man and DC's Green Lantern, Nova truly is an awesome character.

Lucas Till might still be young but he has been acting for quite a few years already, most notably taking a role in X-men's First Class as Havok and providing a solid performance as the mutant. We think a role like Nova could suit him very well, as he has the right look as well as personality to pull of this charismatic hero.

Dave Franco is still making a name for himself, however he does have good comedic timing, which is important for a character like Nova who is constantly having discussions with his helmet! Dave might still not have been fully tried and tested but a role like this could easily put him on the map.

avengers 2 2012 2016
Ronin, Rooney Mara, Echo/Maya Lopez and Ashley Greene 

General audience might not know Maya Lopez, but this badass babe (also known as Echo, real name Maya Lopez) is definitely one of Marvels coolest characters. She is deaf, with photographic reflexes, which basically means just by watching someone do something, she will be able to do it herself. Which makes her a very tough opponent to handle.

Infamous amongst Twilight idiots and maybe not as well known by general audiences, Ashley Greene is a beautiful talented actress, a true rising star. Echo is dangerous and charming, which is two traits that Greene can project wonderfully, a role like Echo could be a defining one for the actress.

Rooney Mara can portray the perfect embodiment of the character, as she will be able to project Maya Lopez's contrasting emotions while still showing her off to be a true badass! If you seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, we sure you wouldn't need that much convincing.



avengers 2 2012 thor 2 2013 2016
Imogen Poots as Enchantress

Amora aka The Enchantress is probably one of thee most loved villains in comic book history, and she is most certainly close to our hearts! She might be a villain, but this Asgardian is lost in love with Thor, as he doesn't share the same feelings for her, Amora falls into villainy to simply spite the god of Thunder.

Imogen Poots is by far our preferred choice for the role of Amora, The Enchantress. Poots is young, beautiful, mesmerizing, talented and enchanting. This role is perfectly suited for the young actress.



Avengers 2 X-men Mutants 2012 2016
Alexandra Daddario and Jamie Campbell Bower as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

This brother and sister duo, might be mutants, might be the children of Magneto, might be X-Men, however above all else they are Avengers First!! With so many ties to the x-men you would think they wouldn’t be so prominent in the Avengers, but they are, and they a truly classic members.

Alexandra Daddario is our choice for Scarlett Witch. She's young, talented, and has thee most mesmerizing eyes that's befitting for the witch.

Jamie Campbell Bower, still young yet this actor is quite experienced, playing a number of different roles through out his career, yet quicksilver can be the one role that won't be long stretch for the actor, but it would be a perfect fit.

Make sure you check back at least twice a week, as we will release profiles on two characters each week, explaining why we chose them as well as why we chose the actor or actress to play.

(This Article was originally posted on May 28 2012 6:30 PM)


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