BLACK PANTHER (Character Profile and Cast Picks)

Black Panther could be coming in 2014..


Djimon Hounsou, Black Panther and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje 

Black Panther is another title that has been in development at Marvel for quite some time. However, we still not sure if a Black Panther will most likely come out before Avengers 2 or after it. That remains to be seen. A while back, Marvel hired documentary film maker Mark Bailey to start work on the script for Panther, and recently LatinoReview claimed that Black Panther will likely be coming to theaters in 2014. We still not sure if this is true or not, but hey we sure do want T'Challa coming to the big screen sometime in the near future.
T'Challa (Black Panther) and His Wife Ororo (Storm)

Black Panther was the first black modern-day superhero in comics, and is regarded as one of the most loved Avengers by fans.

T'Challa's Black Panther title derives from the ceremonial title given to the chief of the Panther Tribe of the advanced African nation Wakanda.

As king of Wakanda, the Panther has access to a vast collection of magical artifacts, advanced Wakandan technological and military hardware, as well as the support of his nation's wide array of scientists, warriors, and mystics. His technology rivals even that of Tony Stark.

The Wakandan military has been described as one of the most powerful on Earth. His attire is the sacred vibranium costume of the Wakandan Panther Cult.

He is a skilled hunter, tracker, strategist, politician, inventor, and scientist—he has a Ph.D. degree in physics from Oxford University. Considered one of the eight smartest people on the planet, he is a genius in physics and advanced technology, and is a brilliant inventor.

He has also been a long-standing member of the Avengers, and he is a married
man, his wife is Ororo Munroe, better known as the X-Men's Storm. Now wouldn't that be cool to see, but sadly X-Men aren’t owned by Marvel, but that's for another day.

Both our picks are considered rather old for this Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they both are fan picks, however we believe that Marvel will just make sure they will get the right actors for the job, but if they want some one younger, a lot of fans agreed that these picks could even play T’Chaka, Panthers father. Either way here’s our 2 picks:

Djimon Hounsou as Black Panther... Perfection!

Djimon Honsou is the perfect embodiment of T'Challa. At 48 years old, some might say that he is too old, however, you wouldn't swap Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark for anybody else, as Robert is the perfect Tony. And we think the same will apply with Black Panther and Djimon Honsou playing the role of T'Challa.

Not only does Djimon contain the physical presence to really give us a memorable addition to the Avengers team, but he is also a brilliant actor with African roots. So at least we will get someone that will have the appropriate accent!

T'Challa and Tony Stark do bump heads quite often, as there views on the world are different, and quite frankly it's almost if Tony can't wrap his mind around the fact that Wakanda science rivals the best technology in the world, including Starks. As such, you will really need a big personality that can hold his own against the very charismatic Robert Downey Jr. and not get completely drowned out of the scene.

Seeing the number of films and the constant critical praise that Djimon receives for his performances, it's quite clear that he will be able to handle his own against Downey, or Chris Evans, or even Mark Ruffalo's as Bruce. Bottom line, you need someone that will be able to headline a solo film, as will fall into an ensemble film seamlessly, and we believe that person should be Djimon Honsou.

Djimon Hounsou is our Number One choice for T'Challa.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Black Panther

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje will have to be our runner up for the role if Djimon can't make it. Adwale is a brilliant actor that has acted in a whole bunch films ranging from Bourne Identity, to G.I. Joe.

Now Adewale is by all means not an original choice for the role, as we mentioned before, a Black Panther film has been in development for a couple of years now.

Adewale, was actually linked to the role for quite sometime and back in 2009, while speaking with MTV he said, “We’re talking to Marvel about ‘Black Panther… This is the first round, so you know; hopefully they’ll look at ‘G.I. Joe’ and see the potential. But it’s about time we have a black superhero, isn’t it? He’s from a fictional village in Africa and the timing is so right for that kind of character to come through… And while I’m in my prime, this is the time. We’ve got [U.S. President Barack] Obama, now we need something onscreen to represent, so… ‘Panther,’ man I would love to see that happen, and I think the more we – my people – campaign for that, the more viable it will be. And I mean, obviously appearing in cult-classics and blockbusters all help, we’re very much on [Marvel's] radar…I think it’s all about campaigning, I’m going to keep knocking on their door.”

So clearly Marvel has been considering him for the role, the only question is now; will Marvel still be looking at Adewale to play T'Challa? Or will they be looking somewhere else?

Well we think that Adewale will still be an inspired a choice to take on the role, if Marvel ever decide to get a move on with the project.

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  1. The name Chiwetel Ejiofor has been circling this rumour as well, maybe he will make a great Black Panther.

    1. Yep he is definetly a solid actor, I won't have any worries if he is chosen, BUT I think he would be better suited to Falcon! Falcon is being rumored to be in Cap 2, I definetly think his one of the harder characters to cast since Idris Elba won't be able too!!


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