ADVENTURES OF ZAMBEZIA (Distributing to in International territories)


The animated feature Adventures in Zambezia, produced by Triggerfish Animation Studios in South Africa, has been picked up by Sony Pictures for distribution in English-speaking territories. This is the first time that a South African animated feature has secured such a prestigious U.S. distributor, Callsheet reports.

The deal was finalized with Sony a while ago, as the film will now ne shown in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia amongst others. The film’s title has been changed to Adventures in Zambezia for all English speaking territories.
Stuart Forrest, Producer at Cape Town-based Triggerfish, says, “It is fantastic to be picked up by a major studio that has always been discerning about their animation titles. It is a great testament to the world-class quality of work that our talented crew has produced. We're excited about working with Sony to ensure the best release in their territories.”
Zambezia is the first theatrical release from Triggerfish. Their second film, Khumba, is nearing completion and the studio has a third film in development, showing that when it comes to ambition the guys over at Triggerfish have an abundance of it.
The film has been sold in over 40 territories world-wide by Edward Noeltner of Cinema Management Group, and features an all-star cast including Abigail Breslin , Jeff Goldblum , Leonard Nemoy, Richard E. Grant, and Samuel L. Jackson
Globally, already released Israel where it has done consistently well at the box office running against other major studio releases. The film opened in Russia on over 800 screens in 150 cities across the country, reportedly the widest release ever for a locally produced film. Adventures in Zambezia’s released in Germany on 30 August on over 300 screens.
“The plethora of animation movies out there means that audiences have become more discerning and have an appetite for something different,” says Forrest. “We’ve received a great response from test screenings which shows that Zambezia clearly entertains families from around the world, providing a universal story told from a unique perspective.”
The story centres round a young falcon, Kai, as he journeys to the bird city of Zambezia, leaving his home and father to make a life for himself. He soon discovers, however, that living in a community can be more difficult than surviving in the wild, and it is only when the city comes under threat that he comes to understand that the only life worth living is a life lived through others.

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