Joziewood Films in collaboration with Amariam Pictures is developing a dance film set in Cape Town, inspired by movies like Step Up and You Got Served, ScreenAfrica reports.

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Pop, Lock ‘n Roll is a rags to riches story about an ambitious youth from the Cape Flats who gets a lucky break and rises as a professional dancer, but his life takes a drastic turn when he falls in love with the girlfriend of the gangster-come-producer that’s making his career.

Director Ziggy Hofmeyr and producer Pascal Schmitz have launched a crowd source funding campaign in order to finance a portion of the films budget while going on a nationwide search for South Africa’s best street style dance talent.

Hofmeyr explains: “South Africa’s dance talent is of international standard, we have solo dancers and dance crews who are winning world championships and documentaries like the DIFF winner for best SA documentary The African Cypher clearly show this. The local dance community is already showing us their support and there is no doubt in me that we’re going to make a dance film that will blow your mind.”

The film is its crowd source campaign on Indiegogo whereby persons who are interested in helping can contribute from as little as R10 towards the film. In return receive perks ranging from thank you credits to tickets to the premier, a DVD of the film or even a day on the film’s set where they can meet the stars and crew, all depending on the amount you invest into the film.

Two big events are also being planned, one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town, which will show off some of the best dance talent with profits going towards the making of the film.

For interested dancers out there, you can also upload your dance routine and skills, onto YouTube and whereby it would be used as your audition tape.

Pop, Lock ‘n Roll is hunting for their lead male role, so if you’re in your early twenties and can dance in various street styles, mainly hip-hop styles, get your audition footage onto the YouTube channel and make sure you’re in line for the spot.

Production on Pop, Lock ‘n Roll is planned for early 2013 and Indigenous Film Distribution have already committed to a cinema distribution deal. Investors, as well as brands interested in product placement, are encouraged to get in touch with the team. Dance films in South Africa have proven to be extremely profitable and the team is certain that they will produce a fantastic film that everyone will be proud of.

Producer Pascal Schmitz comments: “With this film we really want to lift the profile of dancers and dance in this country. They haven’t been given the same acknowledgement as our DJs and musicians and so we want to create partnerships with various dance organizations and dance groups, especially those that give back to their community, by profiling them in our PR campaign and even donating a portion of the films profits to them, in order to make dance in South Africa a sustainable passion and something all professional dancers can live from for a change.”

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