VALKYRIE (Character Profile and Cast Picks)


Valkyrie, Tamsin Egerton, Evan Rachel Wood and Rhona Mitra
Valkyrie definitely is one of our favorite characters. Like Thor, she has a strong affinity with Earth, but unlike Thor who leaves earth at times to go back to Asgard. Brunhilde has been on Earth for a very long time, and rarely goes back to Asgard.
Brunhilde, Valkyrie

Her first appearance in comics was in an Avengers comic, as opposed to being introduced in Thor’s series. Showing that Brunhilde shouldn’t be treated as just a supporting character in a Thor film, she should be more involved with stories that take place on earth.

Valkyrie is the strongest of all Valkyrior and definitely one of the toughest Agardians. Like all her people, her tissue and bone are several times as dense as the mortal equivalent. Though she is not immortal, she ages far more slowly than humans.

Valkyrie is immune to all terrestrial diseases and is resistant to most forms of injury. Her Asgardian physiology grants her superhuman levels of stamina. Valkyrie can perceive the approach of death, in the form of a "deathglow" surrounding a person's body. She doesn't know how death will come but she can tell that it is imminent. Valkyrie can transport herself and a dying or dead body to and from the realm of the dead (Valhalla) by willing it.

Samantha Parrington, Valkyrie
Valkyrie has had extensive training in sword fighting as well as unarmed combat and horseback riding. Her natural fighting ability is among the best of all Asgardian females, matched only by Sif, as well as one of thee most fiercest Asgardian warriors, right up there with Thor, the mighty god of Thunder himself.

Even though she is Asgardian she is known has the "defender of Earth", because of her close affinity with earth.

Brunnhilde was selected by Odin, King of the Gods of the realm of Asgard, to lead the Valkyrior (the Choosers of the Slain), a group of warrior goddesses who would appear over the battlefields of mortal worshippers of the Asgardian gods and choose which of the fallen were worthy to be taken to Valhalla, the land of the honored dead. Brunnhilde served capably in this capacity for centuries.

She has been a mainstay in Doctor Strange’s Defenders team as well as Captain America's Secret Avengers.

For the Samantha Parrington incarnation of Valkyrie or a younger Brunhilde here's our picks:

Samantha Parrington by the way is a mortal, who was granted Valkyrie’s powers, essentially making her a duplicate about Brunhilde.
She thought she was the real Valkyrie.

Evan Rachel Wood as Valkyrie
Evan Rachel Wood would be our pick for a young Brunhilde or Samantha Parrington they both Valkyrie. Evan is very talented young actress, picking up numerous awards and being nominated for a whole lot more, and at the age of only 24, we sure she will pick up a whole lot more.

She may not have much experience in the action genre, but fans of True Blood will vouch for just how menacing she can be.

Tamsin Egerton as Valkyrie
Tamsin Egerton, might be a unknown commodity to general audience, but this beauty is a very talented actress, all she needs is the right role to take her to the top! She is classical trained and has been acting for real long time. She might not have done action films, but she has shown interest in action roles in the past. Given the chance we think that she could the role justice.

Bonus picks

Talulah Riley or Abbie Cornish as Valkyrie

Abbie Cornish in SuckerPunch
Talulah Riley and Abbie Cornish both are more than capable actresses that could take on the role. But Abbie Cornish would definetly shine in this role.

Even though SuckerPunch wasn't the best film in the world, Abbie Cornish performance in the film stands head and shoulders over her co-stars.

She really proved that she could do all the action stuff to as well as bring a real emotional performance. 

Abbie Cornish is very beautiful and she is proving to be one upcoming actress that given the right role in the right film, will blow you away. 

Given the chance to play Valkyrie we sure, she will be an unforgettable addition, to Doctor Strange's Defenders, Caps Modern day team or another warrior to fight alongside Thor the god of thunder.

Our Pick for a little older Brunhilde, Valkyrie:

Rhona Mitra as Valkyrie

Rhona Mitra is our number one pick to play Brunhilde above all else. Brunhilde suppose to be one of the toughest Asgardian warriors around with thousands of years fighting experience. Mitra is the perfect person that will embody a warrior that has seen plenty of bloodshed during her lifetime, as well as posses the physical presence that will demand the attention of audience.

Rosamund Pike, Valkyrie and Lena Headey

There are only few ladies capable of really pulling off Valkyrie, Lena Heady or even Rosamund Pike could also do it, but Rhona Mitra is our Number one choice for the role!

Rhona is tried and tested in the action genre as she brings just the right amount of femininity, but she is always strong, tough and one bad ass chick that you wouldn't mess with! 

Rhona Mitra

Since Rhona will be a bit older than Chris Hemsworth, Brunhilde could be seen as more of a wise older sister to Thor, and a worthy ally to Chris Evans Cap, as they both are strategist.

Either way Rhona will be the perfect woman to play Asgards fiercest warrior.


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