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avengers 2 2012 Carol Danvers
Katheryn Winnick, Ms Marvel Claire Danes and Charlize Theron

Carol Danvers hasn't always been treated kindly by Marvel, however in this last decade Marvel has really been doing a glorious job with her as her popularity continues to grows as she becomes one of the most extraordinary and prominent members of the Avengers. It's quite clear that Marvel intends to really set Ms. Marvel up has one of the prime Avengers (Iron Man, Thor, And Captain America), and with her becoming the new Captain Marvel in the comics, might just propel her as one of the greats!

However, Ms. Danvers has to make an appearance in a Marvel film to really give her that extra push, to cement her in the minds of general audiences.

Carol Danvers is an as an officer in the United States Air Force and Security Chief of a restricted military base, where Danvers meets "Dr. Walter Lawson," the human alias of alien Kree hero Captain Marvel. Danvers is caught in the explosion of a Kree device, but Captain Marvel manages to save her life, yet Danvers sustains serious injuries. Carol would then reappear several years later in the comics where it was revealed that the energy exposure from the explosion of a device called the "Psyche-Magnetron" that caused Danvers’s genetic structure to meld with Captain Marvel's, effectively turning her into a human-Kree hybrid

Since Carol is in the Air force, it will be very easy to add her into Iron Man 3, seeing that Rhodey/War Machine is part of the Air force as well, so that link could be easily done, without feeling forced. But, it certainly looks like Iron Man 3 will simply be focused on Tony, so we doubt other Marvel characters will be added to it.

In the comics, Carol only returns a long while after her first appearance, so it would be fitting if she could be added in Captain America 2, Ant-Man, a possible SHIELD film, or even in Avengers 2 as just a regular soldier or member of SHIELD. Which would be In accordance with her Ultimates version, where she never becomes Ms. Marvel, instead she becomes the new director of SHIELD. They can always tackle her raise to Ms. Marvel at later time, the same way it was handled in the comics. This will also get all comic fans even more excited to see Carol become Ms. Marvel in her own film (after she already made an appearance in another film as a supporting player) if Marvel ever decide to do a film on her fascinating origin story alongside Captain Marvel.

Our Picks:

Charlize Theron as Ms Marvel
Ms. Marvel is really a big personality in the Avengers. She captained her own Avenger team, she is one of the best strategist next to Captain America, and she is one of few that Is powerful enough to possibly cause Thor to break a sweat if they ever did do battle, and she is able to keep Iron Man inline! Therefore, for a character that is so powerful and a big presence in the Avengers, you would need an actress that could personify that, and Charlize Theron is more than capable of doing it, as well as providing a big onscreen presence that could rival any of the Avenger cast members.

I don't think we really have to go through Theron's impressive CV to prove our points, but this incredible actress has been taking different types of roles lately. So we think that she could be up to the task of joining Earths Mightiest Heroes.

Claire Danes as Ms Marvel

Claire Danes is an actress that has been around for sometime, acting in many different types of roles yet before the TV series Homeland she never really had one defining role that gained her instant recognition amongst general audiences.

Claire is a phenomenal actress, she has starred in a variety of roles in all sorts of films, and some of them we're really not successful at all, but Danes always put in solid performances. Danes will own the role playing Air Force officer Carol Danvers, who is commanding, confident and can definitely hold her own against the other Avengers. Truthfully, if you seen her in Homeland, then you would know that Ms. marvel is by no means a stretch for this talented actress and that she will excel brilliantly in the role.

We think Claire Danes will be able to hold up a solo Ms. Marvel film, as well as falling into the Avenger ensemble quite well, but will she be able to cope in a this physically demanding role? We really not sure, but she can always surprise us, so you never know.

Avengers 2 2012 carol danvers
Katheryn Winnick as Ms Marvel

Katherine Winnick is very beautiful and she is a solid actress. She has had a number of different roles in films as well as TV. She has been in many films, yet we never really got to see her in a substantial role, as she is always in minor supporting role in major films, yet she always manages to give a good solid performance.

Her roles on TV, has given us a better look at this upcoming and star, and it's clear that she is waiting for the right role that will launch her as a household name. Ms. Marvel could be that perfect role for her.

Besides the fact that she is beautiful, and talented, this girl is a fighter. No she really is a fighter. Winnick is a third dan black belt in tae kwon do and a second dan black belt in karate, not to mention the fact that She is also a licensed bodyguard. Winnick won silver medals at the Canadian National tae kwon do finals. So she can seriously kick-ass.

Having someone like Katheryn playing Danvers, just makes sense, she can act, and she is good at it! She will give us a solid performance as well as awesome action scenes, since she can really kick ass. After all Ms. Marvel is one of the toughest ladies in Marvel Comics, therefore she will need someone tough to play her.

Winnick is our Top Pick for Ms. Marvel, she has what takes, and we hope she is considered and that she does go after the role if it's up for grabs.

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  1. I can see Katheryn Winnick as the hot, feminist Ms. Marvel. She is tall, blonde, and knows martial arts; she's perfect for the role

  2. eu tenho duas preferidas: Katheryn Winnicki e Amber Heard.

  3. eu tenho duas preferidas: Katheryn Winnicki e Amber Heard.


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