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Gina Carano, She Hulk and Erica Durance

She Hulk Fan art
The Avengers really do need some more female heroes! Marvel have a plethora of interesting female characters that could easily work there way on to the team. However few will argue that none of these female characters are more interesting/entertaining than She-Hulk.

She Hulk has such an easy simple origin story that could fit wonderfully in an Avengers or Hulk film. Basically, Bruce Banner, after being on the run for a such a long time, decides to visit some of his relatives, with his first stop being Jennifer Walters his cousin.

Jennifer Walters lives in a quite a small town, but Walters is by no means a small town girl, Walters is a certified lawyer.

Walter was gunned downed by some thugs in Town, on the day that Banner visited. Walters needed a blood transfusion, but since there where no blood donors available and Bruce's DNA matched Jennifer's, he would have to consider watching his cousin die, or giving her his Gamma infused Blood. Needless to say he chose the latter.

As She-Hulk she posses all Hulks powers at a reduced level, and unlike Hulk and Banner who are 2 separate personalities, Walters has full control of her She-Hulk side and chooses to say in her Hulk form, because she feels her human side his way to fragile.
She Hulk Fan Art

She-hulk could be the ideal character to join the Avengers has she is a Modern Woman, or what everywoman would want to be. She is physically and mentality strong, she is a tremendous flirt, she is a successful businesswoman, just about every Man wants her and she has just about been with every hero besides Thor and Captain America in her She-hulk form.

It would be fun to see her dynamic with each member of the team. She's fun, seductive, smart, funny, sarcastic, headstrong, decisive, self-confident a tease, and yet incredibly strong. She's the type of character that every woman would love to be and that every man would want to be with.

Even though she is an offset of Hulk, She-Hulk has become much more than just that, and established herself as a true hero and a fan favorite.

She was also the first Marvel hero to break the 4th Wall, long before Deadpool even entered comic and started doing his thing.

Here are our picks:

Gina Carano as She Hulk
Gina Carano is a beautiful former MMA fighter who really looks set to carve out an acting career. She made her acting debut headlining, Haywire, an action Bourne type film. The film wasn't bad by any means, but didn't perform well at the box office. Carano on the other hand was praised for all her fighting scenes, but some criticized her acting. However, the script wasn't that engaging to really test Carano, and seeing as it was her first film, you can only expect her to get better with each film.

We really excited to see what the future holds for this star, as she has signed on for In The Blood and the sixth Fast and Furious film, where she will play a Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Hobbs, it's clear Carano really wants to set herself up as a action star.

Playing She-Hulk will cement Carano as an action star, as she would bring the character to life with some cool action and fight scenes, as only she can.

Erica Durance as She Hulk
Gina Carano as She Hulk might make sense because of her sex appeal yet kick ass nature. However, Erica Durance appeal as She Hulk makes sense given the characters personality, sass and charm

Smallville fans will know Erica well from her days as Lois Lane, where her iteration of the character has been favored tremendously by fans as being one of the best versions of the character.

Erica proved that she could be the headstrong, sassy, flirt, type character that won't take crap from anyone. She perfectly embodied who Jennifer Walters is, by playing Lois, and she also showed that she could kick some butt when called upon.

Playing She-Hulk will be right up Erica's alley, giving us the perfect interpretation of the character that we come to love in the comics, while proving that she has all the qualities to be a big star on the big screen.

Erica immortalized herself to fans as Lois on Smallville, but given the chance to take on the role of Jennifer Walters/ She Hulk, she will climb into the hearts of millions around the world.

She-Hulk Writer, Peter David once said that the ideal She-Hulk story is one that combines her intelligence as well as strength. Simply put, Erica Durance is the ideal choice.



  1. I think the casting should be an open call. I'm an actress and I'd LOVE to be She-Hulk! Give us Smalls a chance!!! Gotta Start Somewhere!!! Check out my She-Hulk Photo shoot at
    Now imagine if I had the help of professionals!!! I made that costume on my own, and I also have extensive fight training and world championship titles to show for it ;) Just Sayin' ;) XoXo - Kristin Duarte

    1. I agree with the beautiful Kristin. Make is an open call. Give some newcomers a chance. BTW Kristin where can I see your fight bio/videos?


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