Project X - Review

Never have I seen a more pointless, funny, entertaining, enjoyable film before Project X. This film redefines what a party should be and shouldn't be!!

The story revolves around three high school students who just want to throw a party to be cool. Which in summary could basically be the premise for every other teen film.

However, unlike other teen films Project X will have you see the most incredible party scene you have ever seen in your life. Even the biggest party animal you know wouldn't be able to top a party that not only totally ruins these three guys lives, but that will turn them into high school legends!

Project X is simply all about the party, and all the craziness that goes with opening your house to thousands of people. The partying in this film is so crazy that probably just being part of the extras to shoot this film would have been an incredible partying experience.

However for all the awesome cool partying that goes on, and the crazy antics people get up to, not to mention the numerous shocking scenes that will really surprise you, Project X is very much a pointless charade that just covers a party that turns into a disaster.

The movie just shows us what's wrong with society today, where these kids throw a party that almost ends up destroying a neighborhood but they praised by there high school peers for doing something that ends up ruining there lives forever. The movie does show how one action, one intention, could lead to you messing up your life, but having a blast doing it!

There are lot of scenes that will surprise and shock you, the same that the Hangover did, but that's just due to Todd Phillips, director of Hangover and Producer of Project X, helping in the comedy shock department. So if you love the Hangover you will like Project X.

The three actors in this film who play Costa, JB and Thomas, all make their biggest screen debuts in this film and for JB and Costa they make there acting debuts in this film. For these three guys, who star in the first film with very little or no acting experience they really keep you entertained and play these characters very well. They really take u on this ride with them experiencing their ups and downs and highs and lows.

Costa, Thomas and JB realizing its all fun and games till some nut job comes to your party with a Fire Thrower
Project X is by no means the perfect story, or movie, but it does cover one of the coolest party's ever seen. However, if you ask us, it's not the party you dreamed of having, more like the party you dreamed of attending and running back home when things hit the fan! But no, this party is kind of the party that would be your worst nightmare if it took place in your home.

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