Journey 2 The Mysterious Island - Review

It's only obvious that this will by no way be a masterpiece or even a memorable epic story, but the Journey 2 manages just to do enough by keeping an audience entertained.

The story is quite juvenile and the dialog in the film can really come off very comical/cartoonish at times, to the point that you could imagine it being better suited to Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck delivering those lines.

However the film is targeted to the tween market, and it will keep you entertained and interested in this new mysterious island.

For adults or older teenagers you can enjoy the film but it definitely won't be worth your while.

The acting at times can be over the top at times and you might even find yourself chuckling at scenes that are suppose to demand your concern but come off as unintentionally funny.

The film is however is targeted as a family film, and it is the type of film that you can enjoy with your family.
At times it can be abut unbelievable, but for the most part you can enjoy this ridiculous adventure, that at times does charm and plays to the imagination and at other times comes off as child's play.

But all in all, you will be entertained but it’s completely forgettable. If you have kids or with kids or you have kid, that should be the only reason why you will watch this, either than that it's just a fun mess.

Its just a fun juvenile outing, that never turns into a good story that it could have been, instead its forgettable.

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