A while we go we all received the terribly gut wrenching bad news that the marvelous Beverly Hills Cop film series will not be adding a fourth film to its franchise. Instead, it will be adapted for television.

Eddie Murphy at his best when is Axel Foley
This all came with the blessing of the franchise star, Eddie Murphy.

Eddy Murphy then gave some interesting plot points that he would want in the TV series; for starters, he will reprise his role as Axel Foley, but Foley is now the chief of police in Chicago.

Secondly, he wouldn't be the star of the show... Instead he will just guest star in certain episodes.

Kevin Hart to take over that Mantel of evryones favorite Beverly Hills Cop
Thirdly, Foley will have A son, Axel Foley Jr., who will be the star of the show, and will follow in his fathers footsteps as a cop that cant follow rules.
He then said he would love Kevin Hart to play Axel Jr.


Kevin Hart will be brilliant in this role; he is truly the best comedian of the moment, and one of the best comedians ever.

Kevin will certainly bring a lot of laughs, and it will be an extra bonus getting to see him on screen on a weekly basis.

There is only one concern that we have, and that’s Axel Foley is actually quite a badass. We can see Kev, pulling off all the gregarious, charming, deceitful, humorous side to Foley, but we can't see Kevin running, shooting, & beating up bad guys... Seriously!!! LoL

Is that a Face that you could really take seriously?? LOL is more like it

That however, won't be too much of a problem, because we will probably just be laughing our ass off the entire time.

Even though Kevin Hart is a brilliant, the true genius of the Beverly Hills Cop films, came from a wonderful cast. If the TV series wants to have any sort of success, an exceptional cast will have to be an important requirement.

Kevin Hart, as Axel Foley Jr. Will need a partner unlike his Beverly Hills Cop Daddy that worked alone.

If you don't who this guy is, then you don't know how YOUTUBE works!!!

To play his partner, we wouldn't look further than YouTube. That's right, our pick for the co-star for this show, with Kevin Hart, will be none other than, YouTube Star, Timothy DeLa Ghetto!!

This Dude is hilariously funny, and his been doing his thing on YouTube for more than 6 years, becoming a bankable YouTube star. And yes, he might only be tried and proved on YouTube, but we think if given the chance, this young Asian dude, will be an instant hit on a TV series like this one. Anyone that just watches any of his YouTube videos instantly becomes a fan, and will find themselves in tears with some of his hilariously funny videos.

Eddie Murphy will just have to take his chances on a dude like this, and he could prove an instant hit alongside Kevin Hart.

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So what will our premise for the show be? Thanks for asking...

It's simple; Foley Jr. Is as much as is father when it comes to doing his own thing, which normally includes unorthodox, illegal, lying, deceiving, obnoxious, bending the truth, type methods when it comes to taking down criminals.

After one case that he just totally messes up, Foley Sr. Decides enough is enough, and assigns a kid that just comes fresh out of police academy, that believes in doing everything by the book (played by Tim DeLaGhetto just by the way), to partner his son, in the hope that some good rubs off on him.

Kevin Hart as Axel Totally Funny!!
Instead what happens, Foley Jr.? And the Kid, quickly find themselves involved in a case that will have them going back and forth from Chicago to LA, while solving many other crimes through out the show.

Foley Jr. will also get annoyed with the kid that just wants to do everything by the book, and Foley Jr. will persist on teaching him unorthodox methods to solve crimes.

This will also give the opportunity for Paul Reiser (Jeff), John Ashton (Sgt. Taggart), Judge Reinhold (Det. Billy), Hector Elizondo (Jon) & Bronson Pinchot (Serge) to make regular guest star appearances alongside Eddie Murphy.

Well that's just us hoping....

So tell us what are your Thoughts on the matter??


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