PRETVILLE (In Production)


Hartiwood Films has announced the start of principal photography on Pretville at Hartbeespoort in North West province. Producers Paul Kruger and Emma Kruger, and co-producer and director Linda Korsten, who all worked together on the 2010 hit Liefling look to reunite on Pretville, a Afrikaans musical, Screen Africa reports.

The film is a rollicking Afrikaans musical set in the 50s. In the small, bright and vibrant fictitious town of Pretville, anything is possible and lots of interesting things happen all the time.

Also on board is the internationally acclaimed composer and songwriter Machiel Roets who has composed approximately 27 brand new Afrikaans songs for the film.

“With Pretville we hope to capture the 50s that we largely missed out on,” says director Linda Korsten. “This film is colourful and full of fun, music and dance. You’ll recognise many of the characters even if you don’t know them. One thing is certain, once you have visited the town of Pretville, you cannot help but feel happy.”

Featuring music from the 50’s, the film looks back to an era characterised by charm and romance. In the tradition of Grease and Hairspray, it’s madly colourful and stylish. It’s also big on costumes, with a wardrobe and extravagant set design never before seen in a local movie.

Because it’s set in the 50s, audiences will also be able to feast their eyes on a gorgeous collection of classic vintage cars.

“We have assembled the best cast, the best music and the best vintage vehicles for this film,” says producer Paul Kruger. “There is no doubt in my mind that we are producing something truly unique and fun with Pretville. The town we have built is amazing and we are really proud of our art department. As with Liefling, Die Movie the production values of the film are world class.”

In the lead are Marlee van der Merwe (Liefling, Die Movie), newcomer Eugene Jensen and Marno van der Merwe (Longshot). Also starring in the film is Terence Bridgett as a flamboyant hairdresser Pierre Lukuveer who also happens to be the mayor of Pretville. Other well known stars appearing in the film include Annette Engelbrecht, Lizz Meiring, Steve Hofmeyr, Rina Nienaber, Emo Adams, Margit Meyer-Rodenbeck, Willem Botha, Sanet Ackerman, Kevin Leo and Jakkie Louw, as well as a line-up of fresh, young talent.

Pretville will be distributed by Indigenous Film Distribution. “This is another in a growing line of top quality Afrikaans films that are being produced,” says Helen Kuun, CEO of Indigenous Film Distribution. “The focus is on fun and this exciting film will have audiences singing along. It’s great to see the progress being made in driving quality and production values while also creating great South African entertainment.

The film is slated to open in November 2012.


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