AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Guess the Villian)


Could it be the Green Goblin??

Director Marc Webb was promoting The Amazing Spider-Man at WonderCon, where he revealed another hint at the franchise's future installments.

According to a story from io9 (via Cinema Blend), the film will offer up a few speculative teasers for the fans. When asked if The Amazing Spider-Man will contain any hints as to which villains will show up in any follow-up movie, Webb simply responded, "There are."

Don't You think Venom should be done with CGI in his next Appearance?
So that doesn’t reveal much, but all Spidey fans will be watching the film closely to see who might pop up in the next film.

Our guess would be seeing Green Goblin, for the simple reason that Doc. Connors and Peters Dad are working for Oscorp Industries, which is run by Norman Osborn who becomes the Green Goblin. Goblin also killed Gwen Stacy in the comics so there is that too.

Another character that we think this could be present in the sequel is Venom. In the Ultimates comic version, Peters Dad creates venom indirectly while trying to make a suit that will bond with a host DNA to protect it from diseases such as Cancer. So that’s a possiblilty as well, and it might be what Sony have in mind since they also have a Venom in development as they searching for a director for Web heads nemsis as well as alley from time to time.

Who do you think will pop up in the Spidey sequel?


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