Safe House Review

Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington star in this film, that filmed right here in Cape Town, South Africa, with Director Daniel Espinosa calling the shots making this film something that is quite entertaining.
Denzel Kills People!!

Denzel Washington does what he does best, and plays his role with pure perfection as he always does. He plays a rogue CIA agent and he does jot with the greatest of ease mesmerizing the audience every time he appears on screen.

Ryan Reynolds on the hand, is not his gregarious self yet, this role is something quite fresh for him rather than just being an outspoken character.
Ryan had to really pick up his game for this film, taking a role that required him to change his acting style a bit and he does a pretty good job at it.

The film takes place in Cap Town where nothing ever happens (well at least in movies) but this time Espinosa decidedly used the city quite wonderfully. They fully integrated the city and sights into the film really capturing all the elements to the city.

The story on the other hand, is about loyalty, trust and respect something that does shine through quite well. We see this through, Ryan and Denzel's characters that have their own agendas yet they have to rely on each other if they intend on staying alive.
Ryan is Nervous!!!

The film takes many twist and turns but one twist that really didn't quite work was with the antagonist (we will not say who the character). For a film that is very suspenseful, you kind of hoped that the villain would be more of a twist.

The film is entertaining but, with a such a brilliant cast, and wonderful performances by Ryan and Denzel, you would expect the film to have a bit more weight and depth to it, instead its just another spy gone rogue type film. The script was a bit to thin, and the plot could have been better developed.

The film is highly entertaining and it will keep you in suspense for the most part, it is enjoyable though.

For that reason...

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