Fast Six... Would You Believe it??


The Humble Beginnings of a unplanned Saga

With the success of the newest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast Five has rejuvenated, as well as redefined this franchise that almost seemed to be a sinking ship.

Fast Five the Fire that kept the Franchise moving forward Brighter then Ever

The Fast and the Furious films is something of a wonder for Hollywood as this franchise should of probably sunk after the 2nd film yet, 5 films later here we are getting ready for a 6th and 7th entry into this franchise with High anticipation!

As fans, we just hope to see certain things in the new film and we sure that all you fans will definitely agree with some of thing we want to see.


This makes total sense, as Rome was a main character in the second film and is the only character in the supporting cast in Fast Five, which was main character before.

Paul Walker (Brian) & Tyrese Gibson (Rome) an Awesome Combination!!

Tyrese has also had one of thee most successful year, with two very successful films, a best selling book and a No. 1 album.

In the Ocean Eleven film series we see Linus, played by Mart Damon, character grow from a supporting player in the first film to a full fledged main character by the third film.

We hoping that Mr. Lin could adopt this blueprint and handle Roman Pearce in the same way, as he is definitely a fan favorite in this franchise.

Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel & Tyrese Gibson = Awesome
Another reason why this could be possible is that Brian, played by Paul Walker, as a character, his story is complete. There is nothing else for his character to go through, the character of Brian is fully developed. His Married, he has a Kid, he has money, he has his best friend back (Rome), he has redeemed himself in Dom’s eyes, and everything is good for him!

Now because of Brian’s complete story development, it gives extra room for another character to get more screen time. We believe that this character should be Roman Pearce, as Dom’s story in the sixth one will probably bring some drama once again. Having a little more focus on Rome will bring a lighter side to the story.

We also hope we get to see Brian return to his more fun and crazy antics we see, in the 2nd film.  Just, because he might not be the total focus of the story, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be classic crazy as hell, highly determined, motivated, and just plain stubborn. He should play an integral part in the planning of the heist and action scenes but he doesn’t need his own personal storyline.

Jason Statham might drive himself into Fast Six
We really hope we get to see Jason Statham join the cast and if he does, we think he should either be as the primary antagonist, alongside Hobbs, or alongside Letty, or be an independent antagonist entirely. It doesn't matter as long as we get to see him and Vin Diesel throw down (That just means we want to see them fight)!!!

Justin Lin's Killing Tendencies 

Justin Lin has a tendency to kill off main characters in the film series since he started directing this franchise. In Tokyo Drift he killed Han, causing this whole prequel film series to occur just to make sense with Hans appearance (They should have just said that Tokyo Drift happened in a parallel universe, that makes more sense).

Then in the Fourth film he kills off Letty (off-screen), which kind of made that film suck adding to the fact that Rome didn't even make an appearance, which sucked even more (They said he was going to be in it, even if it was just a cameo). Not to mention how weak they made Letty, after we saw her as a strong fighter chick, in the first film.

Letty should be brought back to her bad ass roots!!
Side Note: Letty

We definitely want to see Letty be more badass, this time around. Letty should be loving her life of crime, doing Heist regularly while Dom just wants to get out of that life. Letty should tell Dom that she cant settled down and have a quiet life, that she loves heist, and that she is still angry with him for leaving her in the Dominican Republic. She can protect herself.

She has done everything she could to get Dom back, and it almost got her killed… Now she’s done, Letty is for herself!! Letty is in Germany pulling heist, which shows she moved on, she didn’t even try telling anyone that she is alive!! Clearly this shows that she doesn’t want to be reminded about her past life.

Yes, she will be happy to see Dom, but No, she will not want to get out the heist game just as yet. Maybe even make her the leader of her own crew.

They should have that dilemma, and maybe at the end of the series Dom doesn’t end up with Letty, he should remain with Elena (the Brazilian Cop) played by Elsa Pataky, or just end up alone.


After the mediocre Fast & Furious Four, Fast Five came and it seemed to have, corrected all that was wrong with the previous films, yet Vince could still not survive Justin Lin's insatiable appetite for killing off main characters.

Fast Five just a lot of fun with old and new characters...

With Fast Six we think there is an extremely high chance that someone will be dying, and with a cast that is ever expanding some characters will have to be removed from the story line. That in itself is a very sad thing, but it has to be done.

We thinking Giselle, played by the beautiful Gal Gadot, will probably have to die. Her death could spark Han wanting to go to Tokyo to start a new life there. This will see Han leave the film series with the 7th film looming. Tego and Leo can die, even though they were much better characters in the fifth film than they were in the fourth, they wouldn’t be sorely missed. DON’T KILL TEJ!! We like Ludacris, if you want to take him out, you DON’T have to KILL him, Mr. Lin!! TEJ might just decide he doesn’t want that life no more, but we LIKE TEJ, so rather keep him IN!!!

Jordana Brewster appearance should be limited in future films as she has a baby! She can't be part of the action stuff.

Something that we would also really love to see is the return of Leon, played by Johnny Strong. This is the last member of Dom’s beloved crew from the first film and we all want to know what happened with him! We thinking, Leon helped get Letty to Europe where they got themselves a new crew, which may include Jason Statham, whereby they pulled off that job that Eva Mendes tells Hobbs about in the post credit scene in Fast Five.
Dom, Brian and there Awesome crew!! Letty gots to get her own awesome crew!!

I think one thing that will really get fans cheering in Fast Six, is if the opening sequence of the film is Letty and her crew pulling off the truck heist, which was mentioned in post credit scene. It will be reminiscent of the very first film, while re-introducing us to Letty, in a similar fashion of the Fourth film, while opening with a heist, which we all love seeing!! It will even give us a glimpse of how good her new crew is.

Tej & Rome, representing 2Fast 2Furious!!
In Fast Six there will be a slight change when it comes to the cars, and in Fast Five there was a hint of this. After seeing tuner and muscle cars, the future of this franchise points to exotics, we just hope that they have some awesome chase scenes and hopefully one race scene. This is the still the Fast and the Furious franchise and we like to see some awesome car chase scenes!!

One thing we would like from Fast Six is a much better Marketing Campaign from the film... Give us some viral videos and Character Posters... There are so many awesome characters in the film, give each one a poster or have team posters, where you have the guys from the first film together, the guys from the second and so forth. Give the fans things to geek over about!!!

ONE MORE THING... Give Ryan Gosling a cameo appearance has his character Driver from Drive!! LoL that one is a but to much but hey it would be AWESOME!!!

Tell us what u would like to see from this franchise and do you agree with our wants??


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