Chronicle - Review

Every now and then a Hollywood comes out with a new creative superhero film, and for the most part they will completely fail at it, and sometimes they manage to create something quite unique and interesting.

It just so happens Chronicle is a film that is simply just fantastic. It’s not just a wonderful superhero film or fantastic found footage type film, its a film about three friends and the twist of fate that gets handed to them and in that you will find that Chronicle has storyline that is not only meaningful but that has a soul to it that gets lost with some comic films.

These Dudes Have A lot of Fun!!
Director Josh Trank has done something that is quite phenomenal with Chronicle by giving us a superhero film that is something like we never seen before, and we seen a lot!!!

Chronicle jumps through a whole range of genres, comedy, drama, thriller, action, suspense, tragedy, sci-fi, while still falling in the confides of a found footage and superhero genre film.

At the core of the film, is a human story that you will find will last with you long after you leave the film. The film is seems through the eyes of Andrew, who is our main protagonist/antagonist/anti-hero, he is kind of a outcast in a high school, doesn't have many friends, but it's more to do with his own hostilities towards his peers, but he doesn't see it that way.

Alex Russell plays Matt, Andrews cousin that is care free, Michael B. Jordan plays Steve, the popular guy in the school and Dane Dehaan plays Andrew, and each one manages to pull of their roles quite brilliantly.

For all three of these guys Chronicle will give them a huge push in there careers as they full embodied there characters, more so for Dane who plays Andrew.

He is really a true revelation in is role, as he will keep your eyes glued to the screen as you watch go from a kid with low self esteem to full fledged villain getting lost in his own twisted thoughts.

What Trank managed to do well is fully develop the story of these characters, he gets fully involved in there relationships, the way they think, and the unique bond that gets formed between them because of this new found power that they attain.

Brilliantly Cast, Looking Forward to see these Guys Careers Go even Further...
Trank focused more on getting these guys stories through, rather than just showing off the powers, for pranks (which is totally hilarious), or just for a cool action scene. Instead we get a true sense of their friendship, seeing their highs and their lows, and it does get very low!

The story sucks you in, and you will realize you in for one awesome ride! Not to mention the last 10minutes was brilliantly done and will leave you with quite a number of memorable scenes, not to mention Andrew will be stuck in your mind long after you watched the film.

It really is a wonderful film, an instant classic. Brilliant Story, Fat Pacing, Beautifully edited, grounded with a superb cast.

We love it and we think you will too...

Our Rating


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