ACCESSION (In Development)

  • ACCESSION- (South African Film News)

Accession, the new film from South African company Mirror Mountain Pictures will start shooting very soon in the Duduza Township, east of Johannesburg, ScreenAfrica reports.

Mirror Mountain writer, director and producer Mike Rix describes Accession as a distinctively Southern African film, but with strong art house appeal for international markets.

“Through a realistic and graphic portrayal of life in the township, we will shed light on an extremely important and highly controversial issue: rape of minors resulting from misconceptions about HIV and Aids,” explains Rix.

Accession will center on Pethro, a young man living in a South African township. By following him through a succession of his daily routines, the audience discovers that Pethro leads a promiscuous lifestyle. It soon becomes evident that he may have contracted HIV.

The film is a hard-hitting character study of a young man who eventually commits the unthinkable. It is about the path that leads him there, and the eventual consequences of his actions.

Rix plans to sell the film at the Cannes International Film Festival Market in May.


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