The Avengers

So we just watched the Avengers Super Bowl Trailer and like many millions of fans around the world, the film puts you into an instant high. Check out the Trailer at the Bottom of the Article

Avengers is showing Hollywood, the power of Mash-ups, and how the ultimate team movie can become an instant success.

Yes, the Avengers are not the first Team-up Film that we have seen, but it's the first film to connect 5 other films (Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America and Thor) into one film, and then still have these other franchise split once again into their own films again. Hopefully for the intended purpose of bringing them back together for Avengers 2.

Now teams up films is nothing new to us, we have seen done over and over again... And guess what we love them!!!

From the Magnificent Seven, to Fast Five, these films showed us the power of just having a whole lot of big stars in one film, and we love it because we just want to see all these major stars in a film together.

Hawkeye & Black Widow
It's why Oceans 11 worked so wonderfully. Oceans 11 is probably one of the best cast films ever made. People that went to watch the film probably watched it because there was atleast one actor in the film that they loved!!

Same could be said for Magnificent Seven, which is truly a classic, and with Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, Robert Vaughn, and Eli Wallach. There is little reason for it not to be classic.

But then we get something like Fast Five, which is probably the demo version of the Avengers. Why we say so? Because the Fast and the Furious franchise was busy building itself up, to Fast Five, which finally connected all the films in the franchise. Unlike Marvel, who actually planned this whole thing out from the first film, The Fast and The Furious kind of just stumbled into it.

Nick Fury Assembles Avengers
Even so, the fourth film, which wasn't the greatest of films made the most in the franchise at $340million, but with Fast Five the team up, paid dividends and the film raked in just a little over $600million. That's a significant increase, just about double the previous record in the franchise. It was a hit with the audience, fan boys, critics and was a major box office success.

Captain America Empire Cover
So the guys at Marvel can probably look at Fast Five, as kind of what they can expect this film will rake in. Fan boys are getting real hyped up about this one, and anyone that watched any one of those five films will want to watch this one, because essentially the Avengers is acting as a sequel for Five Films!!

There is no doubt in our Minds that Avengers, will be a Billion Dollar movie, it could even try and knock Avatar of its perch as the Highest Grossing film in history.

Why do we say that, because people love just seeing these guys in a room together? We all know the power of seeing celebrities together in films, like something like Oceans 11, but there is something more special about seeing characters come together from different films to combine in one; just like Fast Five managed to do.

The Box office has to be a major success, Critical, Fan Boy and General Audience will all have to come out loving the Avengers for Hollywood, to start thinking about Mashing Up some of their Franchises. Because either way, The Avengers is probably the First well-constructed Mash-up of films into Glorious Film, and even though we just looking at it through trailer we all loving it!!

Hollywood will have to jump on the Mash-up band wagon pretty soon, as we get ready for the Avengers, and probably in the next Four or Five years an Avengers 2. Marvel is getting set to spoil us with Mash-ups, Hollywood better get ready to do the same.

Tell us what you think about this???
Marvel Avengers Concept Art
 The Amazing Spider-Man could also be in The Avengers, atleast as a cameo, Marvel do love there Post Credit Scene and the Avengers will have one, could Spidey be in it??? Check back with us, as that story will be coming soon.


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