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Channel24 reports that director Regardt van den Bergh's new film The Lamb will have Hollywood producer Frank Yablans, a former president of Paramount Pictures, on board.

While Yablans was head of Paramount the company developed, produced and marketed acclaimed films such as Godfather, Chinatown and Paper Moon. He now serves as CEO of Promenade Pictures, which will produce The Lamb.

The film will tell the story of Jewish family living in the time of Jesus and deals with issues of forgiveness.

Van den Bergh (Faith like Potatoes, Hansie) says on the film’s website that “The Lamb will speak to the secular movie going audience because it deals with real people, real tragedies and circumstances that happen to all of us at some stage of our lives.”

This is extremely good news for Van den Bergh that has made exceptionally good movies in the past, and this film will once again be a positive beacon for SA films.


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