Guy Pearce stars in Lockout

For these last few years, Guy Pearce has been seducing audiences' with tantalizing performances in some major films. However, Pearce has never really headlined a major production all on his own. With his recognition reaching an all time high after a successful viral video of him as Peter Weyland (which served as a introduction to the character for the film Prometheus where he would reprise the role), there would be no better time, for the actor to headline a good action film and flex his muscle to prove himself the solid action star.

Unfortunately for Pearce, Lockout is just a mediocre film at best, that never decided what it wanted to be. Pearce gives a good solid performance as a wise cracking CIA agent Snow. Pearce really shows himself to be quite the candidate for Deadpool if Ryan Reynolds ever decides to let someone else have a shot at it.

Hydell the psychotic prisoner
Lockout follows Snow (Guy Pearce), a man framed for a crime he did not commit, who is offered his freedom in exchange for rescuing the President's daughter Emilie (Maggie Grace) from the space orbital prison MS One, which has been overtaken by its inmates, led by Alex (Vincent Regan) and the psychotic Hydell (Joseph Gilgun).

The film is set in the year 2079, it advertises the idea that it is a Sci-fi, thriller, suspense, action type film, yet it never fully embraces any one of these particular genres. Thereby having a film that doesn't really know what it wants to be, leaving us with a vague, disjointed, shambolic story.

Essentially the film is about Snow breaking into prison to get Emeilie and escape. Since this is the securest prison on earth, or more accurately floating in space, you would assume getting in the prison and finding Emeilie would prove to be quite difficult, but surprisingly it's not. Instead of pushing the suspense of it all, allowing that thrill of danger and excitement to embalm the audience, director James Mather decided to play it straight. Which takes all the fun out the movie, making it more predictable then thrilling, less suspense and more boredom.

The Sci-fi element of the film was a complete distraction at times. The film is essentially a jailbreak film, and it could have been a far better film if it took place in a contemporary setting. Instead, while they on the prison you watch Snow and Emelie run around looking for an exit, having to battle there way past prisoners or sometimes try and sneak by them. Which was actually the better part of the film, but just as you caught up in the tangible surroundings in this space prison, a lack luster Star Wars battle breaks out in space breaking the tangible tone of the film.

Once again, it fails to fully embrace the Sci-fi and suspense elements of the film, instead we provided with half-hearted attempts at these elements that never fully pay dividends.

Maggie Grace and Guy Pearce

The film is not completely bad, as the talents of Maggie Grace and thee aforementioned Guy Pearce are at the center of the story. Guy Pearce as always provides a solid performance, and is a likeable character. As Snow, his interactions with Emelie played by Maggie who proves to be quite the solid actress, is the only saving Grace of the film. With the film failing to deliver on suspense and Sci-fi, it seemingly succeeds in comedy and action.

The two characters disdain, yet reliance one another for their own survival, plays out quite interestingly which provides the light hearted and funnier moments throughout the film. This relationship between the characters surprisingly has a good story arc. We watch how there relationship goes from hostile, to fondness yet they challenge one another to change certain perspectives of their lives. This essentially allowed the film to move along without really pushing the romance.

Lockout essentially is a movie that promised to be Guy Pearce’s breakout action role, however even with his solid, wise cracking performance he could not have stopped this film from being better then mediocre.
The film is not the worst film in the world, but it's not the most entertaining, yet at times it offers moments of sheer jubilation but for the best part of the film you will just be waiting for it to end!

It’s a watchable film, but you can wait for the DVD.

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