RUIN (Short-Film)

RUIN what a awesome short-film!!
Fox liked what they saw in Wes Ball’s animated short, Ruin (and I loved it) —enough to pre-emptively buy the movie rights before Ball could even meet with other studios.

And after watching this awesome short, we must give Fox a hand, as this was a very smart move on there part.

 According to Heat Vision, the studio even sees “franchise potential” with Ruin.  The plan is for Ball to direct a live-action adaptation based on a script he will co-write with T.S. Nowlin, working under the supervision of producers McG and Lucasfilm’s Steve Tzirlin.  This will be Ball’s feature directorial debut after a career in graphic work on Blu-ray and DVD featurettes, including Star Trek.

Ball and Nowlin have plenty of freedom to develop a story, since the short is dialogue-free and the plot revolves entirely around a big chase scene.

Fox knows exactly what they getting with Ruin, not only will they be helping Wes Ball, see his vision come to life, but they probably see a very profitable franchise.

Should the film ago live adaption or remain a CG flick?

Toys, Video Games, novels, comic books, Film sequels, a TV series spin-off, and other merchandising goodies can definitely be developed through the success of the feature length film of Ruin. Just looking at the Short-film, you just know that the film will be awesome.

The film certainly does look superb in CG with its sweeping effects the glorious use of light, its begs to question will the feature length version be a CG animated film as well?

Well I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all, I certainly would like this to get a live film adaption, but whatever the case maybe, Ruin will definitely be something worth waiting for.

I really hope this does get a live film adaptation, Joseph Gordon Levitt will be perfect in this role!


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