Thomas Jane's Dirty Laundry Short-film


In 2004, Thomas Jane starred as Frank Castle in The Punisher.

The movie wasn't a big hit making about $54.7 million worldwide on a budget of $33 million, and it didn't do so well with the critics either. Through the years fans have mixed feelings about the film, as some feel that film wasn’t violent or gritty enough well others believe it to be a underrated film, that was a good adaption of the source material.

I for one am I fan of this Punisher film, as Thomas Jane really made Frank Castle a character that audiences cared about.

Some fans however, feel that Ray Stevenson was a better Punisher because of his look and ultra violent nature. But, for me Thomas Jane is a much better Frank Castle because of his interpretation of the character. I feel that Jane captured the essence of the Punisher, and even though he doesn’t “look” like the comic book version of the character. Jane has certainly given us a good representation of the character.
Thomas Jane is Frank Castle

At Comic-Con this year, Jane surprised everyone when he played a Short-film, called Dirty Laundry. This short-film would turn out to be a Punisher short-film, which completely blew everyone away.

The short film then made its way online (You can check it out below), and it received a whole lot love from both the comic book community and the movie going community alike.

Thomas Jane spoke about why he made this short film as he said: "I wanted to make a fan film for a character I've always loved and believed in - a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. It was an incredible experience with everyone on the project throwing in their time just for the fun of it. It's been a blast to be a part of from start to finish -- we hope the friends of Frank enjoy watching it as much as we did making it."

Thomas does certainly love the character, and this short-film proves that he is a fan.

There has been Three feature length films of the Punisher, but I have to say this short film, is truly the best. It captures the spirit of the Punisher, its violent, brutal but it shows Frank as a person.

The film certainly looks like its linked to Thomas Jane’s 2004 Punisher film, as this could be 6 months after that.

The back-story of the film is as follows:
New Punisher Logo
"Frank is trying to take a breather after one particularly hard mission - which has forced him to blow his hideaway and lose everything - again. Something that Frank is pretty used to by now.

He's managed to escape relatively unscathed, but all he's got left is a .45 or two. He's got to rebuild his life all over again.

He's stolen a van and parked it on a forgotten street in the ghetto, where he climbs into the back and gets a few hours of much deserved sleep. Morning comes and he decides he might as well wash the blood out of his uniform, and put something in his stomach.

His day hasn't even started yet when sure enough, trouble finds him. Again.

The last thing he wants to do is get involved with some street punks war party. Capiche?"

I certainly hope that this short-film will convince Marvel execs to try there hand at Punisher, but after seeing this I would have to say maybe the best place for the Frank Castle will be a TV series, probably on HBO, because of there unwavering nature when it comes to violence.

I think with some one like Thomas Jane at the center of it, they could really pull off a cool Punisher TV series with Punisher moving from place to place killing murderers and rapist, helping people in a crime ridden area, while showing that there is an admiration for Frank with some police officers as well as communities’.

Show the Punisher investigating organized crime factions before he comes into the area, show that there are people who are willing to protect Frank from law enforcement. As people who are affected by crime will embrace Castle.

I also think that moving forward with Punisher, whether it’s on a TV series or in a new film, he should definitely be established in the Marvel Universe, where he belongs.

If he isn’t, then he just becomes another Dexter type show, or another action film. He hasn’t to be set in a world with Superheroes, that’s where Frank belongs. In a world where you have people with super powers chasing criminals and throwing them in jail, you have Frank Castle, who is just a man, killing criminals.

Just because he will be in a world of superheroes doesn’t mean that a Superhero will have to be present, instead you can have just little nods to it, whether its in dialogue or just Frank watching TV, and Tony Stark is busy doing something or reading a article about Spider-man in the Daily bugle, little nuggets like that will certainly get any fan excited!



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