The Expendables 2
The Expendables 2 has just exploded its way across millions of theaters Worldwide, sending fans everywhere into an instant state of pure nostalgic ecstasy! With the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren and Chuck Norris all arriving on screen together, fans just can't get enough of these 80's action legends FINALLY appearing in one film together.

Imagine it in 80's!
Now obviously Expendables 2 gives one of the most impressive ensemble cast in recent times, as well as giving fans a opportunity to see these guys back on the big screen instead of the horrid straight-to-DVD titles so many of these legends become accustom to, while finally bringing CHUCK NORRIS back!!


That's the beauty, magic, entertainment of Expendables. If you weren’t raised on these guys’ films, Expendables 1 and 2 might just seem like poor B-Grade action films, with rugged old man trying to recapture former glories. However, for all of us that's 80's and Early 90's Babies, the Expendables is nothing more but a beautiful nostalgic love letter, capturing the raw action, blood, guts and glory of all those 80's action films we love, while brining the men back who made those films the classic's that they are today.

So it's only obvious that these films will have to churned out every 2 years or so, and bring more and more of those guys back. Giving us, as well as those actors, one last chance to see them on the big screen in the type of film that they became famous for, while starring with other action stars they never got the opportunity to do, and we the audience never got the opportunity to see.


Clint Eastwood, Nicolas Cage, Sly Stallone, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes

So when Avi Lerner, a producer on the Expendables, came out an announced that Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, and Nicolas Cage MIGHT all be joining Expendables 3, it sent the Internet alight!! Not only had he confirmed Expendables 3 would be happening but he also confirmed to the world that there ambition is limitless, and they will try and find all the best people to steer this nostalgic driven trip.

I don't think most people had Clint Eastwood as a possible character in the Expendables, not because he isn't pure Badassery, but because the chances on getting The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Eastwood, just seemed purely like ridiculous fiction (like Twilight). I think that's one name that brought many to tears, including myself! It must be said however, that Eastwood isn't officially signed on as yet, and who knows if they will indeed get him, but this shows that there determination isn't limited that anyone we have in mind, can actually appear in the film, it's like Fan Fiction, just that we actually what we want, instead of just dreaming up this *ish!


Jackie Chan and Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal turned down the first film, never made it for the second film, but he was approached for the Third as well! That story came out a while ago, so we still not sure if that's happening. Maybe third times the charm?? Or maybe not. Who knows what’s Seagal thinking about all this?

Jackie Chan on the other hand, yep the comedian martial artist, recently stated that he wasn't able to make the last two films because of prior commitments, however he feels that Expendables 3 is definitely possible, as he loves what Stallone is doing with all these action guys and he wants in! so while Seagal, remains a mystery, Chan is all for it, so we think it just basically depends on what the producers decide for the film however we are all for it.

With Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage and Steven Seagal, all potentially having roles in this film we will dive into some guys that I would love to see in the franchise, and I'm sure you would to!



Mr. T

If u don't who this is, then I Pity you Fool!! Mr. T was probably one of the biggest sensations to come out of the 80's. With his stylish Mohawk, his aggressive demeanor, his glorious Bad Attitude and All that Jewelry, Mr. t was an instant hit when he took on Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III.

He then went on to star in a show, that the producers pitched as a TV series that will have Mr. T driving a van with 3 other guys. That TV series would become the A-Team! Ever since then Mr. T never attained that kind of success, appearing in a few films, some TV series appearances as well as some cameo appearances, yet Mr. T  never quite faded away from the memory of millions as his awesomeness can’t be denied and can never be forgotten.

In Expendables we see him as a retired angry Marine, who lives life on the sea in solitude with a hatred for flying! In terms of action scenes, we don't think it would be totally necessary to see him action, just allow him to be angry and shouting "FOOL". He could also play Hale Caesar’s (Played by Terry Crews) father.


Samuel L. Jackson

Do I need to say more? With well over 100 films under his belt, it's hard to think of another actor that has starred in so many films EVER! We are still trying to figure out how Jackson didn't make it into the first two Expendables films?? This Bad-Ass Mo-Fo will definitely be a different ingredient to this testosterone-fueled franchise.

In Expendables we see him as a Government official, who gets the guys to do a mission based on Church's (played by Bruce Willis) recommendation. He doesnt need action, but he can run and shoot a bazooka, and Scream “I'm tired of this Mother-F*cking Snakes on this Mother-f--“…. wait that's another film!!


Michael Biehn

Biehn starred in Terminator, Tombstone, Aliens and The Rock just to name a few films. This man is truly a bad ass, and one solid actor, still managing to bring good solid performances in his most recent films, he really is a no brainier for this film.

In Expendables we see him as a loner with a shady past. He doesn't talk much, his always angry, not a pleasant guy, but he gets the job done!


Tom Berenger

The star of films like Platoon, The Substitute and Shoot to Kill, Tom proved not only is he a worthy action star, but a good actor. He even managed to get an Oscar nomination for his role in the Platoon. In recent times he managed to land small roles in Inception and Faster.

In Expendables we see him as corrupt business man.


Vinnie Jones

Vinnie might not be a 80's action star, but his onscreen bad-ass persona definitely warrants him a place in this film franchise.

In Expendables we see him as a tongue-less mercenary who takes pleasure in others pain!


Mel Gibson and Danny Glover

This dynamic comedic duo, deserve to be put on the big screen once again, as a Lethal Weapon 5 film seems unrealistic at this moment in time.

When it comes to action packed, comedy fueled buddy cop films, Lethal Weapon still remains the golden standard on how to do it right. With a great script, thanks to Shane Black (now writer and director on Iron Man3), and the incredibly talented Director Richard Donner the film was sure to be a hit. However, with Danny Glover and Mel Gibson coming into the mix the studio, never thought that these two men would form such an amazing chemistry that would push this series for 3 more Amaze-balls sequels!!

In Expendables 3 we see this duo as 2 disgruntled retired cops, with a love hate relationship, with Danny playing Roger Riggs and Mel playing Martin Murtaugh (yes we swapped there characters surnames LW). Together they opened a gun store, where they have a secret armory, where the Expendables get all their weapons.

Hope you liked this article make sure to come back soon, when we release our article on some of the woman we would like to see in that female expendables film. You didn’t know about did you??

And don’t worry our Article on the Female Expendables will be coming soon!!

Let us know who you want for the Expendables sequel, and comment below!


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