GAME OF THRONES (Special Features)


This might not have anything to do with the film industry, but few films has managed to capture the imagination of the world, keeping millions intrigued, enticing us with every turn while managing to live up to and exceed every expectation the way Game of Thrones has. 

Khaleesi, Game of Thrones Fan Art
Game of Thrones is certainly thee most memorable epic show that has ever been on Television, and continues to be the pinnacle for what an ambitious TV series can be.

I cant remember the last time a TV series invoked such an incredible response from audiences around the world, keeping fans of the books stuck to there TV’s while bringing in a whole new generation of fans thanks to the awe-inspiring work posed by an incredible team of people whose aim it is, to keep us entertained and lost in this world, for an hour at least, before we snap back to reality and have to face the monotonous, stress-fuelled, embrace of a reminisce that we call our lives. 

Fan Art, Jon Snow
So while we wait anxiously for the return of the third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, we thought we would share with you this awesome behind-the-scenes look of the incredible production process that goes into brining the George R.R. Martin bestselling series adaptation to life.

This behind-the-scenes featurette gives us an idea of the new companion book, by HBO, which is now available, that features concept art and final production photos from season 1 and 2.

Here’s a description of the book, which you can order over at HBO:

HBO’s Game of Thrones reigns as cable’s highest-rated series. This official companion book gives fans new ways to enter this fictional world and discover more about the beloved (and reviled) characters and the electrifying plotlines. Hundreds of set photos, production and costume designs, storyboards, and insider stories reveal how the show’s creators translated George R. R. Martin’s best-selling fantasy series into the world of Westeros. Featuring interviews with key actors and crew members that capture the best scripted and unscripted moments from the first two seasons, as well as a preface by George R. R. Martin, this special volume, bound in a lavishly debossed padded cover, offers exclusive access to this unprecedented television series.

As if that wasn’t enough, we decided that we would add another video giving you a peak at the Game of Thrones experience at Comic-Con this past year!

Dammit! I sooo wish I was there!! Well let us know are you big fans of Game of Thrones, what are you expecting for Season 3, and how much do you really love it?? Comment below!


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