So we did promise you that we will be bringing you updates from A Shot At The Big time, and there as been quite a few updates recently.

"Congratulations, your project A Shot at the big time has been selected for the Durban FilmMart." That comes from a letter that Janet Van Eeden received recently from the Durban International Film Festival which means Shot will have meetings with the producers, distributors and the big players attending the market to help with funding and distribution. This is a big step for the film.

Janet then made an announcement on her Indiegogo page that Stephen De Villiers will be directing the short film:

“Right. I can announce that Stephen De Villiers is coming out from Australia to direct the short film in July while I stand by as – this is Steve’s official title for me – Creative Producer, AKA The Boss. This is a breakthrough for me right now as Stephen made Commando while I supervise-produced very lightly and we have a great history of trust in working together. DOP (Director Of Photography) will be Luke Pallett if the dates work out well. Big apologies to Matt Raubenheimer and @Don Von Orr who were in contention for DOP. It comes down to the fact that Steve has worked with Luke before and I know Luke from his work on Commando too. Thanks for being part of the project though and offering us your considerable talents.”

The website for A Shot at the Big Time will be going live this week, and we will let you know exactly when it does!

But for now you can catch the latest News for A Shot At the Big Time Right here on FilmRap or you can check out http://www.indiegogo.com/A-Shot-at-the-Big-Time 

You can also follow Janet on Twitter @janetvaneeden


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