82 - MOVIE

82 - MOVIE

As you might have known, we in the business of letting all you know about some of the coolest films, that are in development or that will soon be released.

Recently we took it upon ourselves to give you awesome South African film news, and let you know about some of the exciting projects that are being developed right under our nostrils.

82 is such a extraordinary film, that is being developed by extraordinary people right here in South Africa (Check Out The Trailer Below).

The films synopsis as described by the 82 team: “82 is a ten minute, stylized drama film. The scenes of which all take place in a prison camp and will tell of a story which echo’s and represents experiences of many people from many different communities spread out over many continents. And we believe that by straying from the political subject that often takes center stage and draws focus off the people that suffer, perish and sometimes survive the experiences of war.

Faheem Khan getting ready to do a scene

In this film we reflect life inside of a concentration camp and the confinement of war but also showing the barrier that keeps the outside world, its politics and diplomacy from making any changes to the lives of those people who have been jailed. For this to be successful we need to create a world, which isn’t quite simple, where survival dominates all else and decisions are made to benefit the individual.

We are showing that war affects all that are involved and that sometimes what happens in war and the things that people do are not always due to ethnic backgrounds, religions or nationalities ... but sometimes personal and selfish gain.”

The film is being developed as a 10-minute short film with a plan to take the film to different film festival, in South Africa as well as International festivals as well.  With the aim of showing the film at these festivals in the hope of getting a studio interested in order to attain the funds necessary to turn this 10 minute film, into a full feature length film. We are thinking that they will be quite successful in this regard.

Make Up Artist Khumo prepping Faheem
The film is written and will be directed by Khalid EL-Jelailati, who has spent over 3 years constructing ideas for this film, then executing them from beginning to end. He has worked on many different types of projects, raging from music videos, advertising campaigns as well as TV shows and now he will be making his film debut with 82.

The film stars Faheem Khan, Kevin Paul Bernard, Mouhamed Kojak and Khalid EL-Jelailati, and will be produced by Tahveeyah Iman Chism, Waleed Majiet Al – Yamani and Khalid EL – Jelailati.

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