The WORLD's Favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent


A little while back Marvel announced that they will be extending the Marvel Cinematic universe from the Big Screen into the small screen by adopting several of there comic book characters for their own TV series.

This will see, the Punisher, Cloak and Dagger and a younger Hulk (like a 25 year old version of Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner) all get there own TV series.

Steve Rogers and Agent Coulson (His a Big Fan!!)

Now we still not sure if these characters will fit into the reality that has been set within the Avengers universe, although we pretty sure that the Hulk will be (even though it will be focused on a more younger Bruce Banner, we think they will keep small ties to the larger universe, just don't expect Avengers or Agent Coulson or S.H.I.E.L.D. to pop up) we still not 100% sure about the rest of these characters and the continuity of the Marvel Universe on screen.

Even though the Punisher could make for a cool crime and investigation type TV show, with Cloak And Dagger being a very interesting prospect for a TV series we were just thinking (as we always do), wouldn't an Agent Coulson TV series just be the coolest thing ever??


Think about it. If Agent Coulson has his own TV series, this would be one of thee coolest TV series ever made! The TV series could not only provide the continuity within the Avengers franchise, but it could also be used to build up Marvels next film within in the universe or introduce new characters in the universe on the small screen before these characters make their debut on the big screen. Characters Like She Hulk, Jessica Drew Aka Spider-Woman, MoonKnight, Ronin (Echo aka Maya Lopez), Iron Fist and all those other characters that might not be big enough to build a film around but if they get the right amount of exposure they could. 

Wouldn't be cool, to maybe see Coulson accompany Bruce Banner, to visit his cousin Jennifer Walters, who gets shot by thugs and Bruce would then have to give her blood to save her life, which turns her into She-Hulk, while Coulson goes after the thugs that shot her up! Thats entertainment!
That will get any fan excited and keep people tuned in, while expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This would be especially beneficially for characters that have complicated origin stories, this TV series could explore this or just skip it entirely. Hollywood has a trend to focus on origin stories for too long when it comes to comic book films, this series would not only help in moving some character origin stories along but, will also show the growth in these characters. However, more importantly it will show Coulson relationships with them as well as show us just exactly how bad ass Coulson really is, as he couldn't be bothered by them.

The TV series would focus on solely on Agent Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D., and how they keep a eye on the heroes and the world, while Agent Coulson goes out to find new hero's while also visiting some old hero’s that we are already familiar with. It could also show Coulson exploring some the mystical places in the world, for instances like the Savage Land! Or it could just focus on Coulson's missions taking down some villainous character.

This show can bring cameos ranging from Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, to Chris Hemsworth's Thor. Bringing these characters that are so well established on the big screen to guest appearances on the small screen will certainly bring in some of the highest ratings for a TV series ever.

Even though Sam Jackson plays Nick Fury, he doesn't have to appear regularly, or at all for that matter! Cobie Smulders (who starred in the TV series How I Met Your Mother) plays Maria Hill, and as all comic book fans know she actually goes on to become the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. taking over from Nick Fury. And with Cobie signing a nine movie deal with Marvel and Sam Jackson already appearing in 3 Marvel films (excluding Avengers) of his nine movie deal, we will probably see Maria Hill take over from him.


Maria Hill and Agent Coulson
So Maria Hill could also be one of the more regular characters, being the person that Agent Coulson would have to answer to. As well as showing more of the relationship between the two as well as give us a glimpse of Coulson's personal life.

Maria Hill is Bad Ass
This can also bring some insight into exactly how S.H.I.E.L.D. Works, how they have been founded and formed, The Avengers film does dive quite a bit into this, but this will kinda be a more in-depth look of how the agents function within S.H.I.E.L.D.

The TV series can also provide build up for a Marvel film that will be awaiting release, by focusing on S.H.I.E.L.D and how they reacting to the situation, that occurs prior to the film.

Agent Coulson could even just go on missions solely to bring down criminals, or find new heroes or supernatural beings. If you have seen the short film, A Funny Thing happens on the Way to Thor’s Hammer, which is part of the Thor Special Features Blu-Ray DVD, you will know exactly how badass Agent Coulson really is. A TV series can really highlight this about the character.

This could be the best way that marvel can introduce there smaller characters, like Luke Cage to general audience before you do a film on the guy. Or even serve as a basis to show how Luke Cage gets recruited into the Avengers after his appearance in film or just how his connected into the Marvel Universe. Not just Luke Cage, but anybody in the Marvel Universe this could be this best way to carry on the connections made in film as well as on TV!

Even characters that might not make appearances on the Big Screen can make appearances on the show, such Ronin aka Echo who is an awesome character. By introducing the character on the show will raise the characters awareness so if Marvel chooses to use Ronin in another characters film or give Echo, Maya Lopez, her own film general audiences will be a little more educated about the character.


Agent Coulson is a character that has developed on screen and isn't really in the comic books. So this could be a good way to dive into his back-story and get audiences more acquainted with the guy.

Marvel has a whole lot of cool characters not all will be able to get a film, but many could be introduced by Coulson

All us Avenger fans love Agent Coulson, and watching adventures of our favorite Agent could be ultra cool as well as beneficial to Marvel, for introducing us to new characters, getting us better acquainted with Maria Hill and Coulson, as well as providing us with season that could just be used to help boost awareness for marvels next big film, by showing us how S.H.I.E.L.D. has been keeping there eyes on things.

A show like this would keep running as long as Marvel makes films, and it could cement itself in a generation, the same way as the original Spiderman or X-men animated series did, with young kids tuning in every week, to see earths mightiest agent take on the bad guys.

General audiences might not read comics, but they will watch this show, and some complicated aspect of comics like the Kree/Skrull, war could be explained on a show like this, raising the average man, women and child's knowledge about Marvels Comics!!



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