A romantic comedy, that actually has a lot of heart. In a world where a rom-coms, are becoming, if not already are, the brainless badly written filler sort of films, directors and writers, Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart decided to tackle this genre and put a spin on it, that’s not exactly fresh but more refreshing.

On a cold winter's night, Lynn's quest for a one-night stand is complicated when the guy she goes home with lives two hours away via public transit.

This short takes us on a journey of passion, unexpectedness, drama, comedy and romance.

The films credits:

Starring: Alex House & Jenny Raven
Writers/Directors: Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart
Producers: Mike MacMillan & Jordan Gross
Cinematographer: Daniel Grant
Editor: Jonathan Eagan
Featuring Music By: Gramercy Riffs, Pat LePoidevin, HotKid, My Dad Vs Yours
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Long Branch List of Accolades:

Awards & Nominations
*Best Short - Calgary International Film Festival (2011)
*Best Short - Canadian Film Festival (2012)
*Best Directors, Fiction - Yorkton Film Festival/Golden Sheaf Award (2012)
*Best Film Nomination- Canadian Comedy Awards (2012)
*Best Short & Emerging Filmmaker Nominees - Yorkton Film Festival/Golden Sheaf Awards(2012)

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