The last time Godzilla was on the big screen it proved to be not quite the epic story we envisioned, this time around under director Gareth Edwards Godzilla returns to the big screen triumphantly.

Back in the 90's when Jurassic park was all the rage, Roland Emerich was tasked with adapting a Japanese cult classic film that revolved around a gigantic dinosaur called Godzilla, in order to tap into that Jurassic Park excitement.
Needless to say that film failed to live up to its potential.

This time however, with director Gareth Edwards at the helm, this Godzilla film proved to be easily the best monster film in years. Firmly establishing why Godzilla was considered to be the King of the Monsters in the first place.

It’s a fascinating tale of the monster, which keeps audiences mystified and terrified. It’s a riveting a tale, which does stray from the original premise and meaning of the original tale of the giant dinosaur lizard reptile, yet still respects the legend all the same. 

The film is highly energized with tension and action that keeps the film thrilling, suspenseful and well paced. The story is allowed to breath, building tension throughout. With beautiful imagery and cinematography, fuelled by an amazing score, actor’s performances and incredible CGI, this was just pure delight.

One thing that really surprised me was the twist the film takes and the fact that these twist and turns in the story wasn't spoiled in the marketing campaign for the film, which is certainly a rarity in itself, especially in this day in age.

The monster Godzilla himself, is truly a force to be reckoned with. Colossal in size and weight, his truly a vicious beast an unstoppable force of nature with only one goal in mind.

This is a film that's pleasing on all senses and as it completely sucks you in, and keeps you buzzed throughout the film. It's an insane enjoyable, fun, entertaining, popcorn filled ride that promises to be an epic and delivers in every way!

The only really negative about the film is the human element in it. The biggest strength of the film is Godzilla and the mystery and awe surrounding him. However, there wasn't a whole lot of thought that went into the human characters of the story as there was with Godzilla.

The human side of the story as enough in it, to keep the story well paced and keep audiences interested in the progression of the story, but at times it just feels certain characters could have used a little more development.

Bryan Cranston is fantastic in the film, holding the weight of the film for pretty much the first act. Giving us the right amount of weight and emotion in his performance, which instantly sucks you in. Well this may surprise you but Cranston isn’t the primary central figure of the human side of the story. That role was given to Aaron Taylor Johnson.

Aaron plays Ford Brody, Cranston’s son, his a military man who finds himself of the Godzilla catastrophe, while he really struggles to get home to his wife and kid. We experience much of the film’s action with Aaron, which is cool as it gives the audiences a character that’s a direct link to the action. However, sometimes the action comes at an expense of building a strong solid character. Although the character development was lacking, it wasn't a major a blow to a film that is more concerned with Godzilla the eponymous character of the story.

This was truly a magnificent film, which lived up to the name of Godzilla, by giving us a epic, action thriller that not only enticed and entertained but also gives you something to remember for all time. A brilliant film, which sets out to do everything in needed to do and then some.

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