Smart, endearing, heartfelt, humorous and delightful, Her is a light Sci-fi, romantic, drama, comedy that imbues elegance, soul and wisdom as it hones in on the problems with modern day social behaviour.

The story is about a lonely writer who develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that's designed to meet his every need.

This story is equal parts endearing, profound, absurd and completely entertaining. With a beautiful visual aesthetic that permeates the screen with soft pastel dream like colours and mesmerizing performances by Joaquin Phoenix, who plays Theodore (the lonely writer), and Scarlet Johansson who voices Samantha (the OS), Her plays a sweet melancholic tune to the satisfaction of your carnal senses. 

It’s a multi-faceted story that deals with love, lost and the inability one has to move on. In the film we find that Theodore is going through a divorce, although it’s clear that he still loves his ex wife (played by Rooney Mara), his completely befuddled and somewhat lacking in human social contact.

Even though Theodore has friends, the futuristic gleaming LA city is filled with colour and wonder yet, people are more alienated from each other then ever as everyone is always connected to their devices. The film paints an interesting picture on the present state of human social behaviours by creating a portrait of where it might be headed.

Its engrossing, transfixing, completely inspired as we witness a pivotal moment in Theodore’s life, discovering Samantha. Theodore is desperately lonely and wounded from a failed marriage; he is a man who wants to love and wants someone who loves him.

Samantha on the other hand, is an Operating System that is highly inquisitive and witty, she is the perfect antidote for Theodore as she reinvigorates and falls in love with him.

Samantha is interested and intrigued by everything and Theodore can’t help but to teach her all he can. There’s a sweet romance to their relationship as it blossoms through out the film. Even so, the film is a subtle analysis on modern relationships as we see Theodore’s incapability of fostering any real relationships with people. 

Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Theodore is simply marvellous, with the majority of the film focussing on Theodore and his isolation from people, the entire film hinged on his performance. Phoenix is fantastic in the role, as he plays Theodore with complete conviction in his subtle state of depression. 

Albeit Scarlett Johansson’s contribution to the film is in voice only, what she manages to do with just her voice is remarkable. Johansson brings Samantha to life in a way you couldn’t imagine unless you seen the film. As Samantha you feel her sense of wonder, love, desire, hurt, pain, joy as she learns and experience more of the world. Johansson’s voice completely radiates and permeates.

From the soundtrack to the cinematography, the writing, directing, editing, acting etc. Her is triumphant, an instant classic, a film long to be remembered for its absurd charm, and ludicrous sophistication, it’s a warm thought provoking entertaining fascination wrapped up in a film.

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