Grown Ups 2 is the first sequel that Adam Sandler has ever done.
The first film was surprisingly mediocre for all the comedic talent that was on show, however this time around Grown Ups 2 shows us exactly why Adam Sandler has never done a sequel as this film makes the first film look good.

The plot of the story is really non-existent, inconsequential and just plain bad. There really isn’t a real thought to this putrid madness instead the film is really just setup to showcase random CG gags that isn’t quite amusing or funny.

One major problem I had with the first film, was that the film was written by Adam Sandler (which is a problem for all his recent films), thus we never got any sense of Chris Rock, Kevin James or David Spade in the story or the comedy, they weren’t given room to breath and really put themselves into the story.

I was hoping that this time around we would get a better sense of these guys, alas Sandler shows us he never learns and instead we get juvenile putridness.

The film does offer some laughs though, but you will be surprised at just how far and few between the laughs really are. You know the film is in trouble when the funniest person in it is Taylor Lautner when that said film stars Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Kevin James and David Spade.

The film relegates all wit for deer piss, literally, as the film manages to throw in every story arc from every 90’s family comedy film, trying to grasp at some sense of a story. Nothing is well developed and if there is some movement in the story line we get some random gag that has nothing to do with the story.

Without a clear vision for the story, it would seem they tried to through as many half ass jokes in there to distract the audience from the non existent story.

While the film does have some laughs it’s not as entertaining as it should have been, considering the amount of comedians and celebrity cameos thrown in for good measure.

Grown Ups 2 certainly is proof that Adam Sandler as lost touch with his comedic side and while audiences keep showing up for his drivel it would seem that we will never get another good Adam Sandler comedy for while.

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