Wreck-It Ralph and the Gang

Late last year an animated film released that would easily become one of my all time favorite animated films. That film was Wreck-It Ralph. It was a celebration of all these games that I grew up with and still love today. It brought so many properties to life as well recreate the experience on the silver screen.

Wreck-It Ralph was really the film for the game enthusiast and as well as children of the 80’s and 90’s albeit it was an animated film. Kids might love it, but they just wont get it the same way as us older folk would, that really grew up with all these awesome arcade games.

In the film we see quite a bit of cameos from some of our most beloved video games, from Sonic to Ryu as well as many more. It was good to see these characters finally make there way onto the big screen even though it was in such a small capacity, I know I loved it regardless.

With that being said I compiled a Top 10 list of characters that I would love to see in a Wreck It Ralph sequel. I have excluded the Mario Bros. because we all know they going to pop up sooner rather than later. So here is my diverse list of games I would love to see in a Wreck-It Ralph film, excluding Mario Bros.:

            10. BOMBERMAN

This was really one of my favorite games, very simple game play but quite challenging at the same time. If Ralph needs a hand, Bomberman can generate Bombs from his hands, so he would be quite the explosive addition.

            9. BATTLE TOADS

This has to be one of the coolest Beat-em Up games out there. Playing as one of three eccentric Battletoads, you had try and rescue the princess from The Vulture and kick a whole bunch of ass along the way (literally)!  Whether Ralph needs back up or abit of training, it would be cool to see these Toads make a cameo

            8. DOUBLE DRAGON

This probably has to be the Top Beat-em up game of its time. If you liked Battle Toad you would love Double Dragon, and when these games had a crossover that game was even better. If Battle Toads are in Wreck-It Ralph 2, then Billy and Jimmy should be and it will be cool to see their sibling rivalry play out on screen.

            7. WORMS

Worms is probably one of the craziest fun strategy war games ever made. These last few years the Worms games have certainly be suffering, but no one can deny that when it first released it was certainly one of the funnest games around, with some cool humorous looking worms.

If Ralph needs a army, this army of earth worms will definitely kick ass with there bazaar hall of weaponry.

            6. CRASH BANDICOOT

The first 2, 3 games from the Crash Bandicoot series are probably part of my favourite games ever. They were real adventure games, kind of like a modern version of Mario Bros. and I loved every minute of it, like many others out there. Whether Crash himself makes an appearance or Dr. Neo Cortex his arch nemesis does, I think the Crash series deserves to represented in Ralph’s film series.

            5. CRAZY TAXI

Who doesn’t love Crazy Taxi?? This is one of the coolest and most challenging car based games I have ever played and its hella fun as well. In the film we see Ralph travel by train from one game to the next but wouldn’t it be cooler to see Ralph travel by Crazy Taxi through a game!? It could be a fun wild ride!

            4. EARTHWORM JIM

A worm in a robotic suit, Jim was one badass mofo and hilarious as well. Jim quickly established himself as the “cool kid on the block” in these sort of games, and quickly became a popular figure amongst all gamers. If Jim is in Ralph’s film, it would fun to see these two characters interaction and Jim could probably be a real cool supporting character to Ralph.

            3. METAL SLUG 

Metal Slug is probably the most successful run and gun gaming franchise ever! It has a real sense of humour about itself as well as an intense visual style and dynamic that makes it real easy to love.  Metal Slug also has some real memorable characters in Marco, Tarma, Eri and Fio. With experience in battling soldiers, aliens, mummies, zombies and just some real crazy creatures, this crew have seen it and done it all and they would be up to any challenge that Ralph could find himself in.

            2. FINAL FANTASY   

This has to be one of the longest running gaming franchises ever, and for good reason. Final Fantasy is an adventure, fantasy, sci-fi masterpiece. Always stunningly beautiful and with a good tight knit story Final Fantasy has become a mammoth franchise that has spilled over into films, anime, books and other mediums as well. I think it would be awesome to have Ralph get lost in the world of Final Fanatsy and see that world come to life on the big screen or just represented in some way.   
            1. CONTRA

While Metal Slug probably has to be the most successful gun and run type game, the first Contra game was certainly the best of its kind. A few years ago it was voted as the most Toughest Game to Beat, and that was including modern games as well. If somebody told you they completed Contra they would be probably lying. For all of the game’s simplicity it was one challenging game.
It really goes without saying that Contra should be in a Ralph film down the line as it really is a classic.

So tell me what Games, or Game characters would you love to see in a Ralph film??

Let Me Know and Comment below!


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