Just to make it crystal clear, this is NOT a list of films that I would deem to be the WORST films of the year. This list is only compromised of films that was presented to us as being these grand awesome films, but when we finally watched it, it just sucked so bad.

This is the list of films that I was excited to see but ultimately disappointed me.


First thing, first, I did not think that Prometheus was a bad film as most would have you believe. It’s a visual spectacle with some interesting and intriguing plot points. These plot point would quickly become a divisive topic as some managed to bring out these extraordinary theories from it, while others simply brushed it off as stupidity.

I certainly do think that there are some theories, (not all) in Prometheus that warrant discussion, however, overall direction of the film was lost. Prometheus promised to give certain answers to questions that derived from Alien, however all it did was give us more questions. Whether Prometheus is a prequel, a new franchise, or just another story told in the same Alien galaxy far far away, remains to be seen.

Although the film has amazing visuals, some interesting theories, it lost the plot, it had profoundly dumb characters and a unsatisfying end, which is why its so Disappointing


I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired of superhero origin, especially superhero origin stories that have already been adapted.
Amazing Spider-Man is not a bad film, its much better then I thought it would be, however I really expected to find out little more about Peter’s parents. As essentially that’s what we were promised, wasn’t it??

Instead we get a rehash of the first Spider-man film, turning what took the first film to achieve in 45 minutes, took this new film 2 hours.

Sure it was great seeing Spidey back on the big screen, but having to witness how he got his powers all over again was quite the bore.

Im not too excitied for future Spidey films, even though they might finally do something different, truth be told, Marvels Phase Two (Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galazxy, Ant-Man and Avengers 2), DC’s Justice League and Dark Universe, hell even Fox with Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past seem to be much more exciting prospects compared to what just might be another generic superhero film, named Spidey 2.


Firstly I’m not the biggest Tyler Perry fan, and I watch some of his films in small dosages, however, was intrigued to see what Tyler could do in a action thriller film, where he only starred, not directing, producing or writing, essentially not a Tyler Perry Movie.

Secondly when the first image of Matthew Fox came online that certainly got me excited to see this film.

After watching this film, it’s so bad, its so horrible, just burn it with fire. Surprisingly, Tyler is not that bad in the film, although his not quite the convincing Alex Cross. He and Fox certainly try and save this film, but this films downfall would definitely be in the director and some woeful narrative decisions, cinematography and pacing, not to mention just a bad story. 

While I wasn’t to super excited to see this film, I definitely thought my expectations of mediocrity would be surpassed, turns out its disappointingly bad.


Disappointment reigned for Taylor Kitsch... no other actor had a worse 2012.

John Carter is certainly not a bad film, and not even a disappointing film at that. However I was disappointed in Disney’s identity lacking marketing for the film. John Carter was surprisingly a whole lot better then any Poster, Trailer, Image and advert that I have seen. The film seemed so bland and mundane if you just looked at all these marketing materials and it’s because of that, that this film ultimately failed.

Battleship on the other hand, was just bad. It disappointed at being Transformers rip-off, which is despairingly low. This film lacked identity, it didn’t know what it wanted to be and grasped at straws to find any sort of success that has followed Transformers.

With that being said, this was a real disappointing year for Taylor Kitsch, however as both these films weren’t his fault, he can still salvage his career, he just has to chose his roles better.


Where was the ambiguity, where was the mystery, where was the mind blogging state of confusion I was hoping to find myself in?

What this Total Recall remake done is take out all of the obscurity from the film, and give us a ordinary action film.

So disappointing, although Kate Beckinsale does kick ass in the film! 


In all honesty I really thought that this film would be awesome. Afterall the trailer was so cool, it had Ghostrider pissing flames, the directors were saying all the right things and Idris Elba was even in the film! It looked so promising, although i never thought it would be the greatest comic book film ever made, i certainly thought that it would be a good popcorn type flick. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Now while I never ran to the cinema upon release, I did manage to catch the film while it was in theaters a few weeks after its initial release. I couldn’t believe how bad the film was, to me it was almost a bad satirical take on Johnny Blaze, the films characters were replace with caricatures. How did this film manage to become so bad so quickly? Who green lights this stuff?? What the hell Nicolas Cage?!  


This was by far the biggest disappointing film of the year. Firstly I haven’t watched the original Dark Shadows soap opera that the film was based on, so i cant judge this film based on its source material. However like many of you, I saw the trailer and I thought hey this looks a fun whacky wild comedy in true Tim Burton style and whimsical Johnny Depp.

Is that what the film really was, HELL NO. The film was such a drag, so boring, so drama filled, so pointless, so random, so lifeless, so jumbled, so jarring, pure melancholy. 

If I had to compile a list of the most disappointing films of all time I’m pretty sure that Dark Shadows would be at the very top. Everything that I thought this film would be, it was the complete opposite and worse. Definitely one film I wont be watching ever again. Hate It... It was soo bad!


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