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Ghostbusters game
When Ghostbusters hit the big screen back in 1984 it was a phenomena, an instant hit, an instant classic, quite frankly it was a cult sensation! The writing, the effects, the characters, the comedy, the drama, the romance, the action, the Sci-fi, the horror, the sheer awesomeness of it all, was simply too much to allow the Ghostbusters to end with one film. So understandably 5 years later we would get the sequel.

Ghostbusters fan-art
Ghostbusters 2 released in 1989 garnering mixed reactions although it was scoring big at the box office. The film was greatly criticized by many for not trying anything new; it basically rode on the success of the first film without taking any risks itself. In 1984 Ghostbusters was considered to be one of the best films of the year, but in 1989 Ghostbusters 2 was considered to be one of the worst films for the year - talk about an incredible hit and a total miss.

Nevertheless with the massive success of the animated Ghostbusters series that soon followed, the call for a third film was stupendously loud and annoyingly noisy. However what fans didn't realize at the time, is that they would be in for a long long wait to see Ghostbusters 3 realized on the big screen - and in actual fact we still waiting!!

For one or another reason Ghostbusters 3 is something that the studio, the actors, the writers, and everyone else involved with the first two films really wanted to do but just couldn't get it done for one reason or another. Fans have been hearing things like the time wasn't right, the story isn't write, the script needs fixing, not all the actors were on board (yes I'm talking about Bill Murray) and all sorts of BS as to explain why it just ain't getting done.

So in 2009 when the first report surfaced that the Ghostbusters film will finally have a third installment, the Internet exploded with a cautious excitement.

As much as we all wanted this third film to happen and the fact that we actually got some confirmation - or maybe its better to say some serious intent - from Dan Aykryod (writer and a star of Ghostbusters), fans were still cautiously waiting to see if anything would develop. Lo and behold, three years later and we still waiting for the third film.

The Original Ghostbusters
However, Aykroyd is very serious about getting the third film out as soon as possible, as his hiring of Etan Cohen (writer of Tropic Thunder) to fine tune the script, is evidence of that.

So hopefully we looking at a 2014 or 2015 release date for Ghostbusters 3 (although there is still a chance it might not happen), and yes Akroyd was quite clear it will happen with or without Bill Murray.

So with that being said, we thought about what the third Ghostbusters film can really offer us, and if there is room to give us  something that will be pleasing, interesting and a very quite the special film.


Bring back the original cast! The fun thing about doing a sequel and not a reboot of something so classic is the fact that the original actors can return as the characters they played.

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson
What's even more fun is seeing how these characters developed; are they rich, poor, crazy, successful, still Ghostbusters, librarians, firemen, politicians?? Etc. What did they do with their lives ever since ‘89?

Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis, Annie Potts and Ernie Hudson will probably all return for the film, albeit in smaller capacity then there roles in the original, as Aykroyd stated in the past that he wants to bring in a new batch of Ghostbusters.

Rick Moranis, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts
Now we know Bill Murray said NO, but he might have a change of heart when the film edges closer to production, or maybe upon release when he actually sees how AWESOME the film is (if it turns out to be Awesome). So we feel if he won't make it for this film, they shouldn't say Venkman died, that will just irritate everyone. Just mention him, say his living on an island or something, but just keep him out the film, so that he could still return for possible future installments (and you best believe if this film is even a tiny success, there will be a sequel).


The Ecto-1
We hoping that the new film will release in 2014, as this would mark the 30-year anniversary of the franchise as the first film released in 1984.

Now seeing how technology has changed these past 30 years, its pretty obvious that the Ghostbusters old tech will need some upgrading.

Now the thing is, Ghostbusters have some pretty iconic equipment and are we really ready for brand new versions of those things??

Ecto-2 fan made
Looking at the Ecto-1 (the vehicle the Ghostbusters drive for the unfamiliar) is a pretty iconic vehicle, having a film without it will be pretty sad to see for many fans. Now here's the question, looking at recent reboots, sequels and such, when dealing with these sort of things we know they might modernize it (Batman’s BatMobile now Tumbler) or just keep it the same (as in the A-Team, BA’s iconic Black Van with the Red Strip).

Batman Begins is the best example of this as they modernized the bat mobile to what we now call the Tumbler. The Tumbler is pretty iconic in itself, and yet it's a unique design for the Dark Knight Trilogy. They literally went against all classic interpretations of the Bat-mobile and gave the caped crusader a small tank.
The Proton Packs

If we get the Ecto-2 in Ghostbusters 3, I really hope we get a similar modernized adaption, whereby the film won’t try and recreate Ecto-1, instead maybe have it cameo and then introduce fans to a whole new machine.

Ghostbusters uniform.. sort of
It should be a vehicle that has been specifically designed to be the new Ghostbusters transportation, and not just a car that has been modified.

Now onto those Proton Packs, will they be re-invented or will they stay the same? Will it be given a new design? Will its capabilities be modified??

Will we see a new and improved Proton Pack or will the old ones still be able to do the job after all this time?

Now I’m really torn between the two on this one, as I want to see a new designs for these classic weapons, but at the same time I like the iconic backpack proton canons, and I would be sad if they have to go and get replaced with something that would be less then stellar.

It would be interesting to see how the rest of the tech has changed and new tech that could be introduced, and how the Ghostbusters can take advantage of new boom in social networks and smartphones to their advantage.

One thing that we don’t see changing is the jumpsuits!! While the Ecto and the proton canons will be due for a much needed upgraded, those iconic beige jumpsuits don’t need one at all!

After all it is their uniforms, you don’t change the uniform!


You might be scratching your heads right about now, wondering what I am talking about, I already wrote that we need to see what happened to the characters. However, with the Ghostbusters rising to fame back in the 80’s and because Ghost are real… There had to have been some other Ghostbuster wanna-be’s since then.

Wanna Be GhostBusters
Maybe the government decided that they couldn’t just sit back and leave the world in these guys hands every time some major Demon/Ghost decides to try and come back from the dead and tries to take over the world. I would think that the US Government – scratch that -  world governments would try and create there own faction or departments that would deal with similar situations. Thus, the Ghostbuster went out of business all those years back.

Fan-Art Ghostbusters
I just think that what these guys did should have had an impact on the world and how things were done from then on in.

This could really expand the world of the Ghostbusters and really build it to a point that gives fans that big epic huge scale film, while still being fun, outrageous and an incredible adventure.


New York and the Ghostbuster go hand in hand, you can’t have the one without the other. However, since they really going to try and push this film to make it the best one ever, why not go all out and make the film have some global ramifications as to what the Ghostbusters might have to deal with.

The Ghostbusters firehouse
Have the film explore other parts of the World, have the Ghostbusters be out of their element. This will also allow the scope of the film to feel larger in nature to anything that the previous two have achieved.


Like I have said before Akroyd plans on bringing in a new cast to introduce a new group of young kick-ass Ghostbusters. The only we thing we still not quite sure of is, will the original cast be the main characters or will that privilege fall to the newest characters?

There are advantages and disadvantages of having the old cast as the main and the new cast as supporting and vicer versa. However, I’m inclined to think that the new cast members will probably headline the film with the original cast being the supporting players, with the film really being about the transition with the old guys passing the torch.

I say this for two reasons firstly, the original cast is getting “too old for this sh*t” and secondly if you going to pass the reigns, you want the audience to get familiarized with the newbies.

As essentially if there ever is a follow up film, there would be fewer complaints if general audiences are familiar with the newbies, rather then have a film with a whole new cast that people don’t have a connection with.

So who will be the newbies, here’s our picks!

Lead character: Shia LeBeouf/Dave Franco/Michael B. Jordan/ Aaron Johnson

Shia LeBeouf, Dave Franco, Michael B. Jordan and Aaron Johnson
Shia LeBeouf was my first and only choice, but seeing as Shia has decided to ditch big budget films forever and go for independent un-simulated sex-scene movies, we doubt he will be jumping at the bit for something so dull like the Ghostbusters.

That takes us to Dave Franco. He has starred in quite a number of films in recent times, proving to be quite the comedic actor while showing his a whole different commodity than his brother. If he joins the film we could see him as the over-eager, resilient type, who is tired of living in his over successful brothers shadow, and his willingness to be taken seriously is usually his downfall.

Michael B. Jordan showed in Chronicle that he has the ability to play a very charismatic, charming, friendly type guy. Nobody can replace Bill Murray as Venkman, but what Jordan could potentially give the Ghostbusters is a character that is greatly admired by all he meets and a real poster boy for the team, that loves his newly found fame.

Aaron Johnson, most famous for his role as Kick-Ass in the film Kick-Ass, could probably do pretty well in this film. Johnson stars in Savages whereby a plays a character that is a polar-opposite to his character Kick-Ass. Given the chance he could do pretty well in this sort of film, playing the humor, drama and action scenes perfectly.

I think my first choice to lead the new Ghostbusters would go to Michael B. Jordan though

The Girl with the Brain: Emma Stone

Emma Stone
Do I even need to continue?? Emma Stone right now is one hot property, as her charm, humor, wit, sincerity and outgoingness just melts its way into your heart. I can’t remember a film that she has starred in that I didn’t instantly like her. In this film I see her as Harvard Graduate (or whatever college graduate) that really wants to work with the Ghostbusters. Hardworking, witty, dedicated, brave and feisty, she proves to be a bit of the brain and brawn of the team, a chick you don’t want to miss with!

The Business ManBrandon T. Jackson

Brandon T. Jackson
With a glorious role in Tropic Thunder Brandon T. Jackson proved that he has what it takes to star alongside big name actors and still be memorable. Adding him into the mix means you sure to get a huge amount of laughs.

 In Ghostbusters we see him as a Business Grad, who just got wind of the Ghostbusters coming back into business, he sees it as an opportunity to make money, as he goes to joins the Ghostbusters. (He sets up Press Conferences, trademarks, merchandise, gains sponsorship deals, opens a YouTube channel, signs a deal with the discovery channel, basically any avenue that’s available for revenue).

The lifelong Fan with a Brain: Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill
The beautiful thing about getting Jonah Hill into a film franchise like this one, is that not only are you getting a brilliant actor but also a competent writer.

In this sort of franchise, with this sort of sitting and the outrageousness of the story, we pretty sure that Jonah will excel. In Ghostbusters we see Jonah as an overzealous fan that is incredibly smart, and is the first one to notice some paranormal activity that actually brings the old Ghostbusters together as well assemble the new ones!

Bonus pick: Nick Hoult

Hoult is our bonus pick, as he can enter the franchise and play numerous types of characters in it. He recently starred as Beast in X-Men First Class, and will be seen in Jack the Giant Killer when that releases in 2013. If you looking for a solid nerd, or the headstrong nice guy, then Hoult is your man.

Nick Hoult

We definitely have to get a Big Finale as well as loads of cameos from A-List actors, Sportsmen and Women, businessmen, top musicians and hey maybe the President, and definitely Stephen Colbert!

However, A Giant Marshmallow man reeking havoc in Manhattan is incredibly tough to beat as a finale, hopefully they are up to the task of giving us something that’s quite extraordinary!

Comment Below and let us know what are some of the things you would like to see done in this new Ghostbusters film?? Do you agree with our picks?? Comment below and let us know.


  1. I am a huge fan and even wrote a mini script for ghostbusters 3
    Cannot wait and if not i'll wait till i win the lottery and fund it myself.

    1. I would looove to read that, if you done with it! I love the Ghostbusters as you can tell and i definitely think that there is a way to do it right. I just hope that they do make it soon and if not i think ill start playing the lottery too!


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